• Mirrored Sky

    Sunset over the breaking ice at McClain State Park, Hancock, Michigan, April 8, 1994. As I recall, I was standing near the edge of the icepack, above about ten feet of water and about fifty feet from shore...not especially smart.

  • Reagan Building

    The Reagan Building in D.C., August 1999. I worked across the street in 1991, when they were driving the foundation pilings for this building.

  • Copenhagen

    In the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

  • Copenhagen

    St. Alban's Church in the Kastellet, just around the corner from the Little Mermaid statue.

  • Sweden - Stockholm

    One of the atalantes on Tre Kronor Palace.

  • Sweden - Stockholm

    Graveyard, in the skansen.

  • Porvoo

    An alleyway beside the cathedral belfry in old town Porvoo.

  • Riga

    The guildhall and St. Mauritius' gate.

  • Vilnius

    The three crosses, above the old town in Vilnius

  • Berlin

    The memorial in the Neue Wache, near Museuminsel

  • Berlin

    Prehistoric hottie. (Well, okay, not pre-historic...)

  • Fields of Gold

    Near Walsenburg, CO

  • Massive

    Looking north towards Mt. Massive.

  • Vertigo

    This was as high as I got, with bad weather moving in. I turned around to take this picture, then looked up from the camera and got some serious vertigo...

  • Massive and Elbert

    Seen from the turnoff west of Leadville.

  • Mt. Elbert from Mt. Massive

    Looking southeast from the south slope of Mt. Massive

  • Mt. Massive

    Looking southwest over the larger tarn (hidden behind the trees).

  • Mt. Massive

    A rock outcrop, looking southwest towards the tarns.

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