Vehicle Assembly Building

2009 Kennedy Space Center Visit

Various pieces of space hardware and infrastructure at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.


06 Aug 2009 49
Discovery on the pad.


06 Aug 2009 53
Looking down from the FSS at the servicing structures and the top of the launch platform.

This End Up

06 Aug 2009 60
The top of the stack. Note the white room arm and white room at the center of the image.


06 Aug 2009 38
The VAB as seen from the service structure at LC-39A.

Crawler and Rocket Row

06 Aug 2009 47
Looking back down the crawlerway, with LC-41, LC-40, and LC-37 visible in the distance.


06 Aug 2009 68
The nose of Discovery, in its own private room in the rotating service structure. Unfortunately, the antennas in this area were being tested, so we couldn't get into the room.

Tank and Dewar

06 Aug 2009 43
The water deluge tank and the liquid hydrogen dewar as seen from the RSS.


06 Aug 2009 52
The "back" side of the pad, opposite the crawlerway. The rails branching off in the distance were used as a parking area for the flame deflector when it was rolled out of the flame trench under the launch platform. The flame deflector is now (to all appearances up close) permanently positioned in the flame trench.


06 Aug 2009 73
The forward attachment (bipod) between Discovery and its External Tank. The large pipe is the liquid oxygen feedline. The smaller lines are the pressurization lines - they are uninsulated because they carry (comparatively) warm gas rather than cryogens.


06 Aug 2009 59
The belly of Discovery, and the External Tank. The detailson the left are the liquid oxygen feedline, press/recirculation lines, and the tank's electrical cable tray.


06 Aug 2009 58
Discovery's name, stenciled on the starboard side of the fuselage below the windows. Note that the lettering is on blankets rather than tile.


06 Aug 2009 44
Discovery's front and side windows, protected by stout covers.


06 Aug 2009 80
Note the owl-faced balloon used to keep birds away. And the cameras which seem to be pointing the wrong direction - they're attached to the rotating service structure, which would be turned away during launch.

Escape Basket

06 Aug 2009 48
One of the slide wire baskets for use in an emergency evacuation of the crew.

Slide Wire

06 Aug 2009 56
Astronaut's-eye-view down one of the evacuation slide wires.


06 Aug 2009 47
The middeck of Discovery, as seen through the side hatch from inside the white room. Note the crew seat, which was not visible in the similar shot through Atlantis' side hatch.

White Room

06 Aug 2009 52
Inside the white room at LC-39A, showing Discovery's open side hatch.

White Room Arm

06 Aug 2009 48
Astronaut's-eye-view looking down the white room arm toward Discovery's side hatch.

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