Vehicle Assembly Building

2009 Kennedy Space Center Visit

Various pieces of space hardware and infrastructure at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.


05 Aug 2009 56
One of the Delta-II launch towers at LC-17, with a Delta stacked inside.


05 Aug 2009 55
The launch pads at LC-17, both currently occupied (look closely) by Delta-II rockets

Up Next

05 Aug 2009 59
The payloads for the two rockets currently on the pads at LC-17.


05 Aug 2009 57
The Delta-II pads at LC-17, both of which were occupied.

Canaveral Lighthouse

05 Aug 2009 29
Along Rocket Row.

Canaveral Lighthouse

05 Aug 2009 27
Along Rocket Row.

Canaveral Lighthouse

05 Aug 2009 46
Along Rocket Row.

Banana River Sunset

05 Aug 2009 30
Leaving Cape Canaveral at sunset.


06 Aug 2009 30
A servicing panel on Atlantis, with a fluid line attached.

Payload Bay

06 Aug 2009 48
Atlantis' payload bay, being reconfigured for its next flight. The red tubes on either side are the robot arm and the new extension boom used for on-orbit inspection of the thermal protection system. The silver trapezoidal shapes just below the arm/boom are sill plates, used for mounting payload latches. I saw Atlantis' payload bay twice (here, and in the depot in Palmdale during an overhaul), both times through plastic film like this.


06 Aug 2009 50
The side hatch of Atlantis, from inside the OPF white room.

Inside the Glove

06 Aug 2009 47
The empty space inside the glove section of Atlantis' port wing. The "glove" is the segment of the wing forward of the bend in the leading edge.

Floating ET

06 Aug 2009 37
An external tank hanging in the transfer aisle of the VAB.

External Tank

06 Aug 2009 29
An external tank hanging thirty-odd feet above the floor in the cross-aisle.

SRB Nose

06 Aug 2009 52
The forward end of an SRB, containing its separation motors and parachutes.

Saturn Platforms

06 Aug 2009 55
Work platforms in the low bay left over from Saturn days (identifiable by the red paint) tethered in the up position. The low bay had a half-dozen or more of these cells, where a Saturn stage could be stood up for checkout prior to stacking/integration.

External Tank

06 Aug 2009 26
An external tank hanging thirty-odd feet above the floor in the cross-aisle. This is the only time that I ever saw a complete ET not on stands or a transport dolly.


06 Aug 2009 52
The dummy spacecraft for the upcoming Ares-1X test flight. Note the boost protective cover (nosecone) on the front of the capsule no longer looks anything like this on the real vehicle, due to subsequent configuration changes.

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