Police at DNC

democratic national convention

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  • Police at DNC

  • Police at DNC

  • Police at DNC

  • Police at DNC

  • Police at DNC

  • Police at DNC

  • Guitar Womyn

  • Green Bicycles

    We're taking bets on how trashed these things are by the end of the convention. Contrary to expectation, one actually does have to provide a credit card to register to use the bikes, so there is at least a thread of personal accountability binding the use…

  • CSPAN Bus

  • Metaphor

  • Eyes

    The potheads lighting up about twenty feet away apparently were too baked to notice that they were undoubtedly being watched.

  • Self-Defense

    ..or, "How to Protect Yourself From Completely Unprovoked Police Brutality That Angelic, Innocent Little You Had No Hand Whatsoever in Provoking".

  • Foreign News Crew

  • Recreate '78

    Malaise We Can Believe In!

  • Ralph Nader Gasbag

    Redundant, I know.

  • Police at DNC

  • Power to the Peoples Press Collective!

    They love us...they really love us!

  • DNC Sunday - War Protest

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