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  • All fenced off...

    Looks all official now :o)

  • More traffic chaos this morning, but the builder has fenced the block off... That's their truck :o)

  • Think we created traffic chaos today!

    30/7/13 - With our house now started & 2 houses next door plus one across the road being built, it's 1 car only room in the street...... & no-one wants to give way to anyone else!

  • More digging on the block

    30/7/13 - Excavating for the piers I think as part of the foundations.. one of the holes kept filling with water & they had to pump it out a few times - should be dry tomorrow though

  • The block has been leveled ready for the foundations

    24/7/13 - they dropped the porta-loo off for the builders 25/7/13 - they leveled the block, ready to put the formwork in for the foundations - about 6 truckloads of dirt went & it took them just over an hour to do, as it's a pretty level block - all happe…

  • Going ... Going... Gone....

    So... the old house, the driveway, all the trees & the garden have gone - it's amazing how much of a block the demolition people clear !! The trees were taken out by an arborist under a council permit as we're in a vegetation overlay zone, so new trees w…

  • Winter is on the way....

    Wow.... it was misty this morning .... Hello winter weather in Melbourne... This is a park near my house & somewhere in that mist is the footy oval... Brrrrr

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