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handing over the reins 52/52

Ava (right) will be handing over the reins to baby sister Lyra (left) for 2015. After 104 consecutive weeks Ava has grown from a 28 day old cherub to the angel she is today. See you all in 2015 in flickr!

Merry Christmas 51/52

Ava and I would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! 2014 has been a year of highs and lows and it's meant more to be part of such a great group of photographers and dog people. Hugs to you all! ...Lynda, I sincerely hope you'll be with us in 2015 in the flickr 52wfd group! :-)

she's my girl 50/52

Just turned 2 years old on December 4th. My how the time has flown. I love my sweet girl, can't imagine a day without her. Hard to believe there's just 2 weeks left in this project. I'll be continueing in 2015 with Ava's baby sister Lyra on flickr.

sisters in the snow 49/52

all the snow from last week had melted, but today it's white, snowing and great fun for Ava (right) and her baby sister Lyra (left)

it's snowing again! 48/52

the weather has been all over the place these past weeks, but currently it's quite cold with wind and snow which is definitely my snow angel's favourite kind of day. Ava + snow = one very happy girl!

rainy day Sunday 47/52

no fun to be had playing in the snow still she waits, watching hoping we go outside to play not today sunshine, it's a rainy day Sunday outside dreary, wet and gray

slice of life 46/52

Ava's favourite place to keep an eye on me while I'm working at my desk. The same spot she laying in her week 11/52 image even though I'd torn up the flooring and my desk was pushed into the hall while I reno'd the room. If I'd planned this pic ahead I'd have moved the kitchen chair on the left. It's stashed in here because I've now torn up the kitchen floor, but that's life right now. I love to look up and see her there, on that pale gray/blue bed she won last year. There aren't words enough for ho…

a tribute to teddys nose 45/52

well, I wasn't thinking ahead at all?! I've had a busy week and just got home before dark from a weekend track laying and as test secretary for a CKC Tracking Test hosted by the tracking club I belong to. Add a whole overcast week of rain mixed with some snow and a lot of high winds... i didn't even think that this week's challenge would need to be 2 different images from each group. Apologies, this weeks tribute shot is to a pic from the flickr group. I don't have a flash right now and it's completely…

Trick or Treat 44/52

Ava's all ready for Halloween! She's quite pleased with the Trick for a Treat thing going on.
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