Rein Nomm's photos

  • Winter Twilight

  • Life Forms

    micrograph of rugose bacterial colonies I grew on agar from expired Cole slaw

  • Outgrowth

    micrograph of bacterial growth

  • Streaking

    micrograph of Gram stained bacterial growths

  • The Untouchables

    edited micrograph of bacterial cultures I grew on agar

  • A Land of Plenty

    edited micrograph of fat (adipose) cells

  • Neo-Nativity

  • Hark the Herald Angel

  • Bacteria That Count

    naturally occurring number 3 in a micrograph of Gram stained bacteria

  • The Microbial Message

    micrograph of Gram stained bacteria forming Graffiti Letters

  • Caught in the Current

    edited micrograph of connective tissue in the ureter

  • Bred in the Bone

    micrograph of human bone marrow

  • The Life of Culture

    micrograph of back-lit bacterial culture

  • The Forest of the Heart

    edited micrograph of the human heart

  • Getting Ready to Split

    micrograph of chromosomes in Prophase I (leptotene stage) of meiosis taken at 1000x

  • Land of Lamentations

    stained micrograph of bone marrow

  • The Neural Net

    stained micrograph of motor neurons

  • Pac Men

    stained micrograpgh of Volvox

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