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Hens, resting

Hens, resting
Photograph of three of my hens resting under the picnic table after an hour of foraging and preening. Lily, Ruby and Grace.

I love watching these hens roam about the yard. They spend their day foraging, dust bathing, sun bathing, preening, resting and hunting. They come running when I call to them because they know they will be getting a treat. They love to have a small bowl of cold whey from the strained yogurt my husband makes every few days and they are very excited when they come across a corn cob or other tasty morsels in the compost pile. They are omnivorous and are ecstatic when they find a hapless worm or grasshopper.

We keep these hens because we no longer wish to have eggs produced from battery hens in the brutal industrialized animal food system that has displaced the family farm. Living conditions for hens on family farms, not so long ago, were usually characterized by more honorable animal husbandry practices. There is always reason to question our treatment of animals and be open to improving their living conditions. Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Farm Animals has a website that seeks to improve the conditions of farm animals that suffer by the millions. Here is the link to CETFA:

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