Raz Talhar's photos

  • flightless

  • mall

    Pacific Mall - Built in the 1990's and abandoned for nearly 20 years.

  • The 1938 mansion

  • The 1885 audience hall

  • The Garrett portable

  • Wah Siang Hotel 1928

    (Historical snippet) August 1952, Singapore free press / Kluang, Sat. - For having 37 bottles of beer on which customs duty had not been paid, Woh Keng Hong, proprietor of Wah Siang Hotel was fined $500 or three months' gaol.

  • Chainsaw man rests in the shade.

  • 1960's cinema

    Here still bolted to the floor are two movie projectors, they've stood here idle for over 20 years. In amongst the dirt and debris on the ground, were old movie reels of retro Chinese dramas and corny kung fu flicks.