Blooming Rain

Flowers In And Around Our Garden

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  • Queen Of The Night

    Tulip taken at night. We bought new tulips and had a wonderful show of them this spring.

  • Flowers being Watered

    One of my two little "bargain bins" of B&Q reduced price blooms are actually doing really well.

  • The Yellows Are Out In Force

    The prolific oxeyes never let us down.

  • Nature's Jewels

    A wink of sun came out after misting the garden. I just love the effect.

  • Blooming Rain

    My "bargain bin" flowers after one of many showers we've had during this month.

  • Mallow

    One of my neighbour's wildflowers from her mixed seeds.

  • My Own Collection

    There was just too much green and no other colour this year after the spring flowers had died back. Hubby tends to keep buying trees, so I was determinded to bring some colour into the garden and chose flowers, plus some others which were hiding, and I th…

  • Wild Flowers

    Neighbour's little patch of gorgeous wild-type flowers. They kindly told us they had grown from seed, and gave us some to sow for next year.

  • Late Spring Colours

    Some of the lovely colours down the bottom of our garden, being illuminated by the sun.

  • Columbines

    One of many different colours that we get in our garden in spring.

  • Evening Glow

    Freshly watered garden and a wink of evening sun.

  • Beaded Forgetmenots

    Lovely little flowers.

  • Evening In The Garden

    Low angle of the watered flowers.

  • Sparkling Garden

    Just watered the garden.

  • More Sparkling Blooms

    Evening flowers laced with water drops.

  • New Colours For Summer

    A selection of bright colours that I chose to liven up our garden, which had taken a colour break, as the spring bulbs had died back, and we were still waiting for some lare summer blooms to open.

  • White Blossom

    Neighbour's white cherry blossom back in spring.

  • Fairy Sweet

    Forgetmenots and dandelion seed head.

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