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  • Shield Bug

    We found both the bug and berries whilst out for a walk. The berries were on the ground, so I saw no harm in 'rescuing' the most colourful ones and bringing them home. The bug travelled home on my arm.

  • Clarence

    He'd pinched an empty plastic bottle.

  • Virginia Creeper

    Took this with my phone, whilst out for a walk around the village. I love the colours, and they were even more striking in the sunlight.

  • Yellow Brimstone Butterfly

    In our garden in August 2019. It's the first time I've ever seen one and I couldn't believe my luck that it was in our garden. Initially it was flying around with a cabbage white butterfly and I thought it was just another large white, as some of those…

  • Sunset

    Although the sun sets behind our home, this particular one gave an all-over red sky and this was viewed from our front bedroom window, in February 2018.

  • High Five!

    Or a 'high four' according to a dog. Our 6 month old smooth collie, Clarence.

  • Indian Blanket Flowers

    My favourite flowers, in full bloom again.

  • Seven Spot Ladybird

    I've seen three of these in our garden over the last couple of days. We've had a fine sunny week and some of the overwintering ladybirds emerged to soak up the sun, but they're still sleeping, and stay close to their 'hibernation quarters', so I don't di…

  • Crocuses

    Seen today on the green just outside the town. There's a large crop of these crocuses in so many colours. Last year cars were parking all over them, and also due to wet weather, they were either flattened or dirty. But it's been dry for a good while no…

  • Rosie

    Looking regal today, whilst basking in the sun on her favourite chair.

  • Sunny Snowdrops

    Taken only a moment ago. I will never lose the appreciation to enjoy viewing photographs immediately after taking them. These are the only flowers we have in our garden now. The yellows lasted almost till February. So essentially, our garden hasn't b…

  • Happy New Year!

    Took this picture today, a glorious 'winter' day that is sunny and very mild. We've STILL got four different types of flower thriving away in our back garden, including these yellows which are being examined by one of my three chinchillas, 11 year old Cha…

  • Little & Large

    Painted lady and cabbage white butterflies on our youngest buddleia. I think there must be different sizes of those white butterflies. I also saw one towards the end of summer which was as easily as big as that painted lady! This time of year my camera…

  • Explosive Clouds

    Interesting cloud formation that I saw from our bedroom window a couple of weeks ago. A sunset soon appeared but by then the clouds weren't so spectacular.

  • Grinning Pumpkin

    Way too late for Halloween, I missed my chance of uploading any timely photos, but I still managed to get capture a few fun scenes from around the village, and this 'still life' of my own on our front drive, with a little fun editing.

  • Charlotte & Charlie

    My two lovely chinchilla girls, the daughter (Charlotte) on the left, 11 years old, and mother (Big Mama Charlie) right, who will be 13 next April, and looks as grumpy as ever, LOL! They'd just had a sand bath, hence Charlie's dusty head. We also still h…

  • Shield Bug & Lady Bug

    Or ladybird as we call them over here in England. On the warmer days that we've had over here this month have brought out a lot more ladybirds and shield bugs. I think the shields had been breeding on our buddleia, and the ladybirds tend to hibernate on…

  • Damaged Trees

    Sadly a second tree on the hill has taken some punishment from the strong winds we had a couple of weeks ago. And the larger one on the right lost a few branches earlier this year during a brief but wild blizzard

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