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One Cat, One Vote, One Beer - Ry Cooder

Illo Jütte
Illo Jütte
Wir haben den "BUDDY" gestern rauf und runter gehört--die Idee der durch USA reisenden Katze ist schon genial....
Lefty Mous:"Making people think they got a say in things is the biggest trick ever been worked out on the citizen man. You sure wouldn't put up with all their well-known greasy numbers if you didn't set store by your little vote. It goes to show how the plain folks of the world will believe and trust, just because they been raised to think someone' smarter than they are."
"Lefty gets hopping mad around election time," says Buddy. "I say, take a drink. Let's realize we ain't going to be counted, and that's the flat truth."
"Us folks couldn't even vote at all, back South, in the old days. The Klan ran the voting, backed up by police and government and everybody," says Reverend Tom. "Now, elsewhere, is another sort of a Klan running things, only they look regular--no white sheets."
"They're called RepubliKlan," says Buddy. Hey, Mac, three more over here."
11 years ago.
Rasch2000 has replied to Illo Jütte
RepubliKlan....wie treffend ;-)))
11 years ago.