My youngest :o) He is almost 3 although I am sure his mind is much MUCH older..... He is a true light in my/our life AS his older brothers of course....! He still doesn´t say much "in words" but those eyes so soooo much :o)

A Hug :o)

And a very warm one :o) This beautiful "Eskimo" dog belongs to a friend - he really liked our little Sara (which is a Cavalier) but she was a little scared of this huge beautiful "bear" :o)

My small fisherman :o)

This summer we have had beautiful weather here in Iceland - thank God :o) My time has been spent outside with my boys, time WELL spent :o) We took a trip last week which ended in Þingvallavatn were we went fishing which is my boys favorite activity these days!!!

Huge HUGE catch :o) ;o)

This was taken after midnight last weekend on a small trip we took.... After 3 hours of fishing, running around (the 2 smaller ones) they finally got those 2 minutes a part and they tried to convince me and the rest of us that these actually are huge fishes LOL :o)

Made of gold!!

Inside and out this boy is beautiful!! He is always good to everyone - has a great sense of humor IMHO ;o) and has endless patient with his brothers....

Without teeth WITH words!!!

This picture absolutely describes his character!! Can´t sit still!! Never closes his mouth ;o) no way he can look at the camera for more then 1second at a time LOL... Got to love this grinning little person... (at least I do :o)

Trying so hard not to smile.

Boys will be boys!!

Taken a few weeks ago during a rather cold summer day.

Gone fishing....

Without shoes and all the gear!! Well - he actually got through this day without falling in the water which can not be said about his 6 years old brother :o)
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