Huge ice-cubes :o)

The one on the left was "taller" than me - these "ice-cubes" are breaking from the glacier, melting and drifting to the sea where they dissolve in the big blue.


From our trip - this one is taken at the beach near Jökulsárlón......

Reflecting ice

Jökulsárlón again - the lagoon (lón) was full of ice as it is early summer... Later on the ice melts and only the bigger "cubes" survive.

Does the distance make....

... the mountains look blue? Does that apply to everything?? :o) :o) Just a thought!! This is taken at Jökulsárlón - the icecubes were small and many - the surroundings there change rather rapidly due to the melting of the ice and the fact that the ice is mooving towards the sea... This place is magical!

Seljarlandsfoss - inside out :o)

This pictue is taken standing behind the waterfall looking out :o)


The hard thing when you visit beautiful places - is to choose which pictures to work on. From our recent trip - I think we all filled 2-3 large cards (probably more then 300 pics each) - and all those great places we visited made a bunch of interesting pictures (IMHO :o) So - this one is one af many I like from this place.

Those summer nights :o)

Þingvellir after midnight yesterday. As you can see we have daylight here 24/7 now (which I absolutely love :o)

My small fisherman :o)

This summer we have had beautiful weather here in Iceland - thank God :o) My time has been spent outside with my boys, time WELL spent :o) We took a trip last week which ended in Þingvallavatn were we went fishing which is my boys favorite activity these days!!!


Hvítserkur is the name of this powerful rock! We took a "little" trip the day before yesterday to visit this magnificent place. I would have preferred a little more color in the sky but will just have to go there again soon... Maybe next time we´ll have some aurora :o)
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