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  • alles was bleibt

    Enjoy on black Sound: youtu.be/cFaGwtjkgMk

  • bonne semaine

    By Frany

  • bonne semaine à venir

    bizzzzzzzzz appuyer sur Z svp c'est mieux
    By Frany

  • bon jeudi bizzzzzzzzzzzzz

    By Frany

  • Vieillir... ô vieillir…

    "Vieillir, ce n'est pas s'essouffler en montant un escalier, c'est s'apercevoir qu'on s'essouffle." Robert Sabatier
    By Boro

  • here comes the rain again

    By Adele

  • un po' di sole

    By Adele

  • up the hill

    HFF everybody!
    By Adele

  • HFF!

    HFF, everybody :) We're going to the chapel! For : Sight and Sound It's not the Dixie Cups or The Shirelles, this time it's.... Bette Midler's version from her "The Divine Miss M" album (1972) Chapel of Love Chapel of Love Chapel of Love

  • Der Wetterbaum

    Die Sächsische Schweiz war schon immer mal ein Ziel für uns. Letzten Herbst haben wir dieses Ziel in die Tat umgesetzt. Leider nur für ganz wenige Tage. Doch, wir hatten riesiges Glück mit dem Wetter und durften nach beschwerlichen Aufstieg auf den Lilien…

  • HFF - Blue curves and edges

    In the old town of Skiathos, many touches of the local architecture and style met ours eyes and thoughts. Could I catch those scenes and the feelings they convey on camera? Maybe, only you can say! HFF everyone!

  • Storm over Whithorn

    Isle of Whithorn harbour on a stormy day The link is The Cascades and 'Rythm of the Rain' www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQstQST1GiM

  • Greylake - HFF!

    Greylake Reserve - RSPB The link here is 'Free Bird' by Lynyrd Skynyrd www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0W1v0kOELA

  • Wherever I glance, the glances are cold. Just a choreography of trees in a mirror. And i'll leave the orbit with a triple loop jump.

  • Simply Pink

    Have a happy new week! Thank you so much for all your continued visits and support:)

  • First Blooms

    Dendrobium Fredericksianum Have a great day! Many thanks for visiting:) Your comments, faves and invites are much appreciated.

  • *Queen Ant*

    The anatomy of a queen ant is very similar to other ants of that particular species, however, they are noticeably larger than the rest of the ants in the colony. As with other ants, queens have a hard outer covering called the exoskeleton, and their bodie…

  • Bleu/Violet/Rouge

    Petites fleurs de sous-bois Pulmonaire à feuilles étroites (Pulmonaria angustifolia) Explorer >>05/04/2018

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