Posted on 07/18/2007

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911 rap

911 rap
The 911 rap.

Sure, this was a conspiracy
One covered up from you and me
A few dumb Arabs took the rap
Had 911 in their lap
Suicide planes is what they said,
So how come Atta’s friends ain’t dead?

It’s time to rap
I have to rap

Atrocities on 911
Weren’t by Muslims, off to heaven
It was an American Government plot
And now it’s time to stop the rot.
George and Co must come to book
This president is just a crook

Come on and rap
We’re gonna rap
Expose the crap

You do not have to trust in me
The people of New York agree
Cos most New Yorkers think it’s Bush
Not madmen from the Hindu Kush
Who sabotaged the USA
That’s why they’re in Iraq today
And now it’s time to have my say

I’m gonna rap

You saw the towers, one and two,
Come tumbling down
Well, didn’t you?
But did they tell of number three?
It came down too
I wonder why,
Without another plane come by?
Full of papers from the CIA
That George and co didn’t want to stay
It simply had to go away.

They said that tower was full of fires
We saw a few, but these fat liers,
They could have put the fires out.
Of this there can be little doubt.
Instead they “pulled” the building down,
Demolished so nothing was found.

We see so much on television,
George Bush, an object of derision,
Returned into primary school,
He looks bemused, so stupid, cool,
Gazing oddly into space,
No emotion on his face.

Not so much President,
More like a monkey,
A reborn, alcoholic junky,
While the organ grinder, Richard Cheney,
The man in charge, and much more brainy,
Took control of air protection,
Shielded planes from close inspection,
From civil or military detection,
Kept the planes safely on track,
Knows they are not coming back.

This is a wrap
Come on and rap
Spit out the sap
Expose the crap

The Pentagon was also hit.
One side of it collapsed a bit.
Supposedly hit by a passenger plane,
But I have got to make it plain,
That they must think we’re all insane
To accept an aircraft without any wings,
Tail or fins and all those things,
Just left a hole,
Fit for a mole,
A fraction the size of a passenger jet,
Or the kind they haven’t invented yet.
One little engine was all that they found
Among the debris left on the ground.

Come on and rap
Its time to rap
Denounce this crap

Every disaster in USA history
Affected by the slightest mystery
Provoked an inquiry inside a week,
So Bush must be some kind of freak.
Listen here, you’ll be amazed
It took the crook 400 days
To find sufficient trusted guys
Who’d tell us lies and lies and lies.
To rig the 911 commission
With a final report packed full of omissions,

Blaming a guy called Osama Bin Laden.
Excuse me, I must beg your pardon.
If he’s the culprit, tell me why
His family all got flown away,
With tickets from the FBI.

Join in and rap
We gotta rap
Expose the facts
On these attacks

Reopen 911 now.
Tell us the truth.
We shall now how
They took away 3000 lives,
With nothing more than plastic knives,
And lots of help from Uncle Sam
In the greatest ever Government scam.

Sherry ~ Rebujito
Sherry ~ Rebujito
hmmm this is very interesting to say the least...believe me I am NO Bush fan quite the opposite! Alot of your ideas...could be valid... probably are...but please keep in mind the families and friends of the victims of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon...their loved ones did exist...and were on that plane.
but you are SO right...let's hear the truth...we all deserve to...but probably won't for a long time if ever...
9 years ago.
there are so many films now exposing the scam

yet mainstream media keeps up the pretence,

A scientist from Uk is norw suing the BBC for lying about 911

It actually broadcast that tower 7 had fallen with the tower still standing behind the camera on screen
9 years ago.