Bunker Tower Weathervane



13 Oct 2012 8 7 386
The John Looney House - Circa 1820, Ashville, Alabama (IMG_7029) Another Link in the Chain - From one window to another

Mission Valley Marriott Hotel Reflected

28 Apr 2011 1 2 242
Reflected in the Hyundai Translead Building, San Diego, California (IMG_4839)

Circles and Squares in Black and White

18 Aug 2011 317
Gadsden, Alabama ( IMG_6817)

Awnings and Umbrellas (much better viewed on blac…

25 Apr 2011 160
Mission Valley Marriott Hotel, San Diego, California (IMG_4465)

Closed for the Season

17 Sep 2013 1 3 288
Orange Beach, Alabama on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico (IMG 2877)

Beach House

17 Sep 2013 3 5 321
Orange Beach, Alabama on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico Another Link in the Chain linking a beach in New Zealand with a beach in Alabama (IMG 2874)


17 Sep 2013 2 3 325
Orange Beach, Alabama on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico (IMG 3076)


03 Feb 2013 3 3 278
Hwy 227,DeKalb County, Alabama, in area badly damaged by the April 2012 tornadoes (IMG_3315)

Free House on High Street

19 Sep 1992 5 235
Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, England. Scanned 35mm negative. (Eng-18005) Another Link in the Chain - Hanging baskets of flowers to hanging baskets of flowers

Wall painting - Parachuting animals

01 Jun 1996 133
Probably best looked at in original uploaded size. Not the best photo, but I like it so much, I wanted to share it. I have also uploaded a detail shot of the upper right part of the building. Manhattan, New York City Scanned 35mm negative(5V024)

Street in Aldborough

19 Sep 1992 1 115
North Yorkshire, England.. Scanned 35mm negative (Eng-18022) Another Link in the Chain - One white building with red roof to another

Blue Doors

19 Apr 2011 109
Venice Beach, California (IMG_2665)

Ida Cason Calloway Memorial Chapel

01 Jun 1995 140
Calloway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia. Scanned 35mm negative (5B003)

Reddy Kilowatt

28 Aug 2011 1 119
Attalla, Alabama (IMG_6966) Another Link in the Chain - From a light hanging on a wall to a lighted sign hanging on a wall


15 Aug 2011 2 3 255
Etowah County, Alabama (IMG_6624) Another link in the chain - sepia toned

Mission Bells (San Xavier del Bac Mission)

16 Apr 2009 1 197
At the San Xavier del Bac Mission, south of Tuscon, Arizona. (last 278)

Wildflower Cafe Reversed

01 Nov 2012 105
A side view mirror image of the cafe. Mentone, Alabama (IMG_8959)

Bodie Island Lighthouse

01 Jun 1991 98
Atlantic Ocean, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Outer Banks, Nags Head, North Carolina. Scanned 35mm negative (4B020)

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