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  • cotswold life . . .

    * en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moreton-in-Marsh *

  • Olga : le charme de la Russie

  • aus dem Bus fotografiert

  • you caught my eye . . .

    * you caught my eye what more can I say always cool and aloof . . . come what may I had to get closer to make quite sure . . . that I wanted to stay for evermore well that was a long time ago it's true only time would tell the story of you * VIDEO…

  • Gorgeous creatures

    By Erato

  • Gentle breeze

    By Erato

  • Œil de velours / Velvet eye

    By Betty

  • Mamaaan ! Je t'attends, quoi ! Mum ! I wait for you ! [ON EXPLORE]

    CLIC SUR PHOTO 7h... Le soleil pointe déjà le bout de son nez... 7 am ...The sun already appears..
    By Betty

  • walking in woods . . .

    * my VIDEO of walking in woods . . . * The Temple of the Trees by John Dynham Cornish Pellow Between the erect and solemn trees I will go down upon my knees; I shall not find this day So meet a place to pray. Haply the beauty of this place May…

  • silence of a flower . . .

    * the silence of a flower that rests she has bloomed and given her very best now it is time to slip away . . . but before she goes you will hear her say it seems I was here for such a short time I watched and waited and looked so fine and now the end…

  • 2015-07-11 Toits-de-Paris-VII web

    Toits de Paris VII - Aquarell - 35 x 40 cm

  • pavot

  • Bon week end !

  • Summer in the Country

    Light Box.

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