Atlas of Toronto - 1958

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Atlas of Toronto - 1958

Surveyed & Compiled by W.S. & H.C. Boulton, Toronto.

Canada Malting Co. Limited

You feel kind of sad, seeing something this big and formerly so vital and busy, so totally abandoned.

Re-Use Recycle

This was an interesting juxtaposition to me: "Postal Station F" above the Starbucks sign. At least the old building wasn't torn down.

Who we Used to Be

Not easily visible in the shadows, but you can see where the name used to be: Canadian Pacific Building

Maple Leaf Gardens from the back

Who We Were

I look at walls like this and wonder what the house was like that has now been torn down. You can see the divisions of the rooms that were adjacent to this house, and see where the chimneys shared some openings. Who lived there, do you suppose? Why was that house torn down? This remains just an empty lot now. Walking along the sidewalk in the front, you can see one or two stones marking the front walk up to where the door had been.