Plan as template

Foundations from blind slats

Tower in situ

Tower from east showing thick walls

The Nave westwards

Inside the Porch

All the windows were printed onto overhead projection transparencies, the saturation of the images having been pushed fairly high. The individual windows were then stuck with double sided tape around the edges to acrylic sheet, with the printed face to the the acrylic. As they were to be installed with the acrylic to the outside, the images had to be reversed before printing.


St Peter's model interior eastwards

At the Open Day in October 2012, a boy, in his early teens probably, took photos of this view and the corresponding one of the real thing and placed them side by side on the screen of his phone. He was pleased that he got the same perspective and I was gratified that a. it looked so realistic and b. that it had appealed to his age group.

St Peter's model south side

St Peter's model north side

This model was built from layers of foamboard for the walls and laminated wooden slats from a venetian blind for the roof and spire. The stone and tile papers were from photos of the building itself. The stained glass windows were made from overhead projection slides attached to polycarbonate with the printed side to the polycarbonate.