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  • Winter Mood on Rosenwiller, Alsace, France 2011-01-15 065

    Was a lovely little walk

  • pour av le sautres regardez pas!

    cepasmoi qui a fait la phôtô

  • Shenzhen Chine

  • Embrujo andaluz


  • FDL0346

    Orléans-Festival de Loire 2015

  • Saint-Malo evening

    By Berny

  • Nederland - Doorn, Huis Doorn

    ‘Huis Doorn’ was first mentioned in the year of 838 as ‘Villa Thorhem’. Later this ‘Hof Doorn’ was owned by a deanery. Around 1200 the castle is owned by the dean of the cathedral itself and used as monastic grange. The oldest parts of ‘Huis Doorn’ are da…

  • Spain - Ronda, Puente Nuevo

    Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) is the second one on this place, replacing a bridge designed by King Philip V. When that bridge collapsed some years later (1751) started the construction of a new bridge, which took more than 40 years and was opened in 1793. P…

  • Helvetia Basel

  • Silhouettes

  • FDL0173

    Orleans-Festival de Loire 2015

  • FDL0176

    Orleans- Festival de Loire 2015

  • FDL0215

    Orléans- Festival de Loire 2015

  • FDL0229

    Orleans- Festival de Loire 2015

  • belly inspection

    By Berny

  • Fuzeta, Rosarinho

    By Xata

  • Coucher de soleil dans mon verre de rosé.

  • Solitudes

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