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  • L'ombre du tilleul

    Sur fond noir…

  • Southerness Lighthouse

    Southerness lighthouse is located at the village of Southerness in South West Scotland. It is at present the second oldest lighthouse in Scotland. The lighthouse was commissioned by the Town Council of Dumfries in 1748 to assist in the safe passage thou…

  • Blick auf die Rotwandköpfe

  • Rotwandwiesen (PIP)

    die Rotwandwiesen sind berühmt für ihre einzigartige Flora please look the pip - veuillez regarder d'image dans l'image

  • Rotwandwiesen mit der Rotwand im Hintergrund

    best on black - fond noir svp - bitte auf schwarzem Hintergrund betrachten

  • a_lilac_life

    By Berny

  • bright_morning

    after a stormy night
    By Berny

  • the_big_blue

    Lago Fagnano, Tierra del Fuego
    By Berny

  • Paso_Garibaldi

    Paso Garibaldi, located on Tierra del Fuego, is the only paved route across the Fuegian Andes (the image shows the old road). It’s also the highest point on Argentina’s Ruta Nacional 3. The views from the summit are stunning, the massive Lago Fagnano stre…
    By Berny

  • herso001

    Plage du Knossos Royal Aldemar

  • Agio 02

    et Agios Nikolaos coté Lac

  • spina04

    Île de Spinalonga

  • spina06

    Ile de Spinalonga-Le fort

  • herso02


  • spina03

    île de Spinalonga

  • Lunaire

  • Europe

  • le 9ème d'Infanterie Légère ...

    issu des Chasseurs des Cévennes, créés en 1784 ...

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