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  • ...envolez-vous vers un agréable week-end...

  • ...merci de vos visites...

  • La reine du pétrole

  • P9122936ac Quimper Archbishop Palace Museum Courtyard

    The wrought iron with delicate floral motives looks very pretty and unusual; My now sixty years old Pierre, always camera in hands during trips, wanted a picture in this decor and it is a rare demand from him! Quimper Cathedral St Corentin Archbishop Pal…

  • COURE PLUS VITE !!!... lus-vite-charlie-bercy-2006_music Poule d'eau juvénile, ça coure vite les bébêtes là !!!... :-)))

  • 20141018-0010

    Beach between Baabe and Göhren / Rügen
    By df1hx

  • Patrouille des Castor Seniors

  • Berger et son troupeau

  • Appel du large

  • Ah les touristes quelles em.........

  • rusty_autumn_57.223

    Lok 57.223, Baujahr 1916, Fab.Nr. 5080, Hersteller Lokomotivfabrik Wiener Neustadt, Bauart E h2, Höchstgeschwindigkeit 50 km/h, Leistung 1037 PSi, Dienstgewicht 109 t, Kesseldruck 14 kg/cm²
    By Berny

  • Perspective ..

  • Trompe-l'œil

    Literally, it means "trick the eye" in French, but it is also used to describe a style of painting that uses realistic imagery to create an optical illusion, and this is a nice example on a large scale. Painted onto a plain cement rendered wall, this tow…

  • feast day

  • Nyköpingshus

    By Kalle

  • Eskilstuna

    By Kalle

  • Norrköping

    Motala ström
    By Kalle

  • Tant d'amour dans ce sourire !

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