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Moldova 2018

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13 Oct 2018 18
Chisinau Airport Duty Free Shop

Chisinau- Metropolitan Cathedral 'Nativity of the…

07 Oct 2018 31
Also known as the Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour

Chisinau- Belfry of the Metropolitan Cathedral 'Na…

07 Oct 2018 31
The cathedral was built in the 1830s to a Neoclassical design by Abram Melnikov (who had designed a similar church in Bolhrad). The cathedral was bombed during World War II, and its bell tower was destroyed by the local Communists in 1962. The new bell tower was constructed in 1997. During the Soviet period, worship was prohibited and the cathedral was transformed into an exhibition centre. (Wikipedia)

Chisinau- Metropolitan Cathedral 'Nativity of the…

Chisinau- Trolley Bus

Chisinau- Moldovan Parliament Building

Chisinau- Metropolitan Gavriil Banulescu Bodoni

07 Oct 2018 46
...was a Romanian clergyman who served as Metropolitan of Moldavia (1792), Metropolitan of Kherson and Crimea (1793–1799), Metropolitan of Kiev and Halych (1799–1803), Exarch of Moldo-Wallachia (1806–1812), and Archbishop of Chişinău (1812–1821), being the first head of the church in Bessarabia after the Russian annexation.

Chisinau- Stephen the Great Central Park

Chisinau- Stephen the Great Central Park

Chisinau- Stephen the Great Central Park

Chisinau- Bust of Alexander Pushkin

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Stephen the Great Central Park (formerly Pushkin Park).

Chisinau- Stephen the Great

07 Oct 2018 34
Stephen III of Moldavia, known as Stephen the Great was voivode (or prince) of Moldavia from 1457 to 1504.

Chisinau- Wine Festival- Security

Chisinau- Wine Festival- Ceramics

Chisinau- Wine Festival- Friendly Trader

Chisinau- Wine Festival- Crafts For Sale

Chisinau- Wine Festival- Old Wine Press

Chisinau- Wine Festival

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