• my cat

  • boot

  • the 1st square UFO

    a thing has landed in my kitchen. When it wanted to fly away I got it in the air. Here the evidence!

  • 1st Greek car on the moon!!!!!

    yes! the greeks have been on the moon και επειδή είμεθα και λαός 'φιλεύκολος' πεταχτήκαμε με το Ι.Χ. (= and because we are a folk which likes doing things the easy way, we rode with the car)

  • βούθουλας

    And he was standing there. Alone, alone and empty. Fastened at a pole, a black plastic sack over his upper part. He could see nothing, only from time to time feel things thrown at him from people that didn't even care to look as they did it. Sometimes he…

  • απόπλους νύκτωρ

  • Ἐξωγήινη κοῦκλα

    doll from other worlds

  • the Priesthood / παππαδαριόν

  • totem

  • eyez

  • DVC01709.JPG

  • friends with your past

  • DVC00864.JPG

  • it speaks its own silence

  • Natura Artis Magistra

  • inside my head

  • photo titling is poetry

    the pictures for this: full moon night story

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