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By Sarah O'

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SPRING !!! Azalea !! ( March 2020)

By Sarah O'

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Unusual Mail Box display :) but quite well done..~~(neighboring town )

By Sarah O'

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Across my Garden

By Sarah O'

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Around Town..... ITS HALLOWEEN TIME :)

By Sarah O'

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"FREEDOM" the Georgia Southern University ( Statesboro, Georgia) mascot....with its Handler.... in town for our annual festival day ...

This gorgeous bird is the mascot to this University and is trained by this man...the Eagle with this wide wing span, obeys the handler's voice.. at the University's football games Freedom will circle the stadium on game day on a command, and will return to this handler's gloved arm until further notice. It is quite amazing to watch...Freedom was the center of attention on his visit to our town..In this photo Freedom is just being introduced to our park area when he arrived.

By Sarah O'

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As we begin our holiday into North Carolina and Tennessee USA