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By Andy Rodker

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Sunset over Chamberí, Madrid

From the roof terrace of a flat I stayed at for a couple of years.

By Dick M

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By Maeluk

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A poem

This was written by Kitty O'Meara.

By Peggy C

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Rain + Sun = April

Each photo has a PiP in upper Left corner - Formosa azalea - 4 different Iris - From Peach to Purple/Burgundy - PiP in photo 3 has a fly-by something - Shows up against the white column - From North Carolina to you .. EXPLORE ..

By Esther

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Eating a berry (Explored)

American robin AIMG 5021

By Phil Sutters

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positive and negative spray can accidental art - April 2020

This is the board on top of which I had been spraying dolls' house furniture and fittings. I wonder what it would be worth in a commercial gallery or auction. Positive = overspray. Negative = areas masked by paint cans and items being sprayed.

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By Andy Rodker

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Wild lupin

SIerra de La Cabrera, Central Spain

By Dick M

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By Clickity Click

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Normal may end up looking different by the time we see the other side of this virus but we will still be who we are, perhaps even stronger or better! The photograph and words are my own. BE HEALTHY - BE OPEN TO NEW OPPORTUNITIES - ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS
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