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By Robert Swanson

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Sit and Enjoy the View

Taken on the beach near our house on Maui (1999-2008). After retirement, we often walked on the beach at sunrise. Someone had placed a bench for viewing. Image processed with GIMP.

By Anne-Marie(Minus)

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duo ...

By Diane Putnam

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American week

An unspeakable event* has lead to massive rioting in most large cities. An outrage inside a societal crisis inside a pandemic inside a leadership vacuum. Our very own Matryoshka doll. White cops killing unarmed black men - not an unusual event in the USA. They almost never result in charges against the police, even when a bystander's video clearly shows it was, at the least, an unjustified shooting and needs to be presented to the District Attorney for possible criminal charges. Fortunately, there were many bystanders filming at the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25th. That is our Memorial Day, I might add. There was something about this particular case that touched and enraged the entire population - with certain exceptions - and led swiftly to murder charges against one officer. The other three will possibly be charged, too, since none of them (one a senior officer) stopped the primary perpetrator. I am sick of grief and anger. I just want to have peace. I don't even expect happiness. * WARNING: difficult to watch...

By Diane Putnam

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He likes to take a break in my yard and annoy his parents.

By Ronald Losure

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"Are you sure there aren't any alligators in this pond?"

By xacobeo4

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By Robert Swanson

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Bernadette and Bear

Our 53 inch Costco bear, watching "Big Bang" on the television. Note that Bernadette is comfortably snuggling with her huge Costco bear! See:

By Zoé

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Après l'orage...

Bon week-end

By Diane Putnam

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Salmon cakes

Tonight's dinner. When I try cooking something new, and from scratch, that makes my tiny kitchen a huge mess, you know I'm bored at an entirely new level. This is canned wild Alaskan salmon of good quality. I wouldn't waste fresh salmon this way.
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