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ReHab of Oneida Cotton Mills into Oneida Loft Apartments

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Abandoned . . (no longer)

Update: Oneida Cotton Mills - lengthy history, but has been purchased; to be converted into apartments ... the brown covering is to be removed to show the brick beneath -- looking forward to documenting this as it is transformed .. yet the tower still reaches toward the sky .. love the shape .... when I find out, will put the name in here - turrets were mentioned in the previous photo (Sham Castle), so is this is stretching it ? Another Link in the Chain group .. © All Rights Reserved ARCHIVE AIRINGS AA-278 YOUR CHOICE

Familiar ? - history -

- with the outer skin peeled away ------------- 1 note added - period brickwork is revealed ------------ The Alphabet Site --- History for the letter H -- - as much as can be used - will be in re-purposing this structure - for apartments - this will be an interesting visual journey Oneida Cotton Mills Graham NC the first-steam powered cotton Mill in Alamance Co. (built late 1800s). © All Rights Reserved

Oneida brickwork ..

.. the old bricks show intricate details .. some though, will probably not be able to be re-used .. but, the fact that this old mill is being re-stored .. re-purposed .. that says a lot about the people here .. original contractor - William Carter Bain (1839-1920) - built numerous industrial buildings as well as home in North Carolina 2013 © All Rights Reserved

Oneida Cotton Mills ..

- view from Harden Street - the aluminum (siding) has been removed - guess the metal 'clips' were part of holding it against the bricks - bottom of photo ---- those don't seem original -- almost like a 'stone facade' - have found no info about it at some point the old brick was covered with this fake covering; it has had to be removed to reveal historic architecture beneath to qualify for Historic Status ..i.e. Tax Credits to re-furbish the structure - seeing history unwrapped before your eyes - magnificent ! - thank you to those who have invested time/money/labor - to re-purpose this building [ built in the 1800s ] - it has been empty for a very long time 2013 © All Rights Reserved

Autumn blue . .

- sky for a contrast canvas - one of the Towers at the old Oneida Cotton Mills - it is difficult to tell which are the original parts - and which were additions - a very interesting study - History where I live - coming to life in another form - re-purposing this building - a digital journey - original contractor .. William Carter Bain 2013 Peggy C © All Rights Reserved

Oneida Cotton Mills ..

a tower .. why this shape .. guess I'll find out .. more research .. this needs a lot of work .. notice the wood pieces ? 2013 - part of the transformation - from a mill which has been unused for decades - to a structure for apartments - History in the making © All Rights Reserved

History ..

- removed large metal pipe [ vent ? ] that went from the hole above to the roof - also removed ... what appeared to be a faux stone facade just below the brick arches at bottom - near the sidewalk, it seems some were difficult to remove - watching History change before you eyes [ Oneida Mills ] 2013 © All Rights Reserved

.. partial

collapse of the roof - over the loading docks - Oneida Cotton Mills - over 100 yrs old - the roof had a leak - 9 inches of snow didn't help - so, the transformation of this old building - into apartments - 11 have been lost - still over 100 will be available - when completed - it is a positive sign when old buildings are re-purposed - old, hand crafted bricks - in a pile - hopefully some will be salvaged - ^^ inactive for at least 15 years ^^ * 1 note * © All Rights Reserved - Update: structure is on 6.8acres -

stages ..

from left to right - 2013 through 2015 Finally ! All permits received - To create loft-style apartments in this iconic old mill - On a 6.8 acre tract of land - This once was headquarters of the Oneida Cotton Mills - The State of North Carolina and Federal Gov. had to see the original brick work - To make available tax credits for historic redevelopment - The developer had to show it is structurally sound - It is to be designed to add 134 new residences to the area - [ now to get my foot in the door for some photos! ] © All Rights Reserved
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