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Tawney Day Lily . . .

" Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain." Henry David Thoreau There is joy in Nature - in the colors, forms,lines, curves and textures .. - from one who loves to dig in the dirt, but camera is near ... .. EXPLORE ..

Pollen !

Tis the season for pollen and bees of all sizes. This one is as big as he seems - and loud! Getting as much pollen from the Carolina Evening Primrose .. fun to watch. ** 3 PiP ** -- EXPLORE --

.. on warm day

Left - Tawney Day Lily Right - NC Native petunias Bottom R - one of the many volunteers [Viola family] PiP in each photo .. EXPLORE ..


When one has bloomed until all energy is gone, this is what a Clematis looks like .. sort of. Of course, a bit of tweaking here and there has been done. Formerly known as : Kardynal Wyszynski * 2 PiP *

Collage of Colors ..

Colors to add a bright spot to your Space in this World - 1- Tall bearded Iris [ she has been named Party Gal ] 2- Native North Carolina Petunia 3- Siberian Iris [ much shorter than the others ] 4- Tall bearded Iris NOID [ no id ] 5- A surprise ! Not seen before .. 6-Orange Poppy 7-Tall Bearded Iris / Peach Sherbet or Peach Fluff [ NOID ] May 10 - 11, 2020 In the Garden of Surprises 2020 EXPLORE

Solo ..

Solo from Mockingbird atop the roof .. Would have recorded him if lawnmowers wouldn't have drowned him out .. 1 Note **EXPLORE**

Rain + Sun = April

Each photo has a PiP in upper Left corner - Formosa azalea - 4 different Iris - From Peach to Purple/Burgundy - PiP in photo 3 has a fly-by something - Shows up against the white column - From North Carolina to you .. EXPLORE ..

Bloomin' April !

All month, starting with the yellow Gold Iris .. through to the middle section .. Mauve Gyyzees .. the only one I know the 'proper name for is bottom right- ' Dauntless ' .. My neighbor emails me daily .. "oh, it is so pretty from here! " And, there should be more to come... PiP in Left corner of each photo .. **EXPLORE**

So beautiful . . .

A day in North Carolina with this sky over head .. Puffy clouds slowly floating by on gentle breezes .. Green leaves arriving on White Ash tree .. Birds in concert .. Iris blooming .. Lilacs of white and also lavender .. Cascading branches of a Mock Orange inviting bees .. Formosa Azaleas .. Wild Petunias are popping up in different places than last year .. Spiderwort [ blue-purple ] .. Honesty Plant aka Money Plant [ Lunaria annua ] .. Star of Bethlehem .. Neighbors walking with their children .. May y'all stay healthy .. From my Front Yard in North Carolina to your Corner of this World.. Peggy ** EXPLORE **
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