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.. an album of historical photos .. some buildings have been re-purposed .. others not so fortunate .. the Value of Preserving History .. means different things to each of us .. my goal is to find that which has been re-purposed; re-used .. not tossed aside like it would take too much to fix .. and keep history for the future generations in North Carolina Plus - .. the natural beaut…  (read more)

Monarch In Motion ..

- after a very slow year of finding butterflies - on the 29th September 2021 - Down the Road - at NotMyGarden - 3 [ three ] Monarchs were on Mexican Sunflowers - a few Skippers - but what amazed me were the Monarchs - most of North Carolina has had very low counts - regardless of the types of butterflies seen or the are of the State - they will be recorded in this site by years end Butterflies of North Carolina by Harry LeGrand and Tom Howard 5 PiP

Great to see you !

Variegated Fritillary ( Euptoieta claudia ) - 1st of this year -2021- Usually land on a flower and stay put - Enjoying a feast - Not this one - This flutterby went from flower to flower - Sometimes landing - At times - not - Still did my usual 'butterfly hunt mode' - Don't follow them - All of them are faster than us - Observe the flowers they land on - Plant yourself nearby - They return - At times you can get bunches of shots from one butterfly & a flower - Without moving the camera much - My camera has the option of totally turning off any sounds - Though I know of cameras where it can only be turned down - Have always thought the designer of 'not turning off sound' - Didn't know the first thing about butterflies, wading birds, etc. - Shall we hold classes for them ? 3 PiP

Ta-da !

Down The Road - NotMyGarden NMG - Mexican Sunflower Against a Clear North Carolina Sky - BUT, Check The PiPs - Monarch Butterfly - The Same One - The ONLY One - Thank You For BEING There - When I Was There ! 3 PiP

The White Ash tree ..

- against a North Carolina sky - of light blue - with 'white puffy thingys' - called that by a friend across the pond - gradually green turns to Fall colors - except those that rain down to the Earth - a Wise Peaceful Soul - we talk daily 5 PiP

A Mystery ... no longer ! Celosia -Cockscomb

Down the Road at NotMyGarden- This plant is about 4 to 5 ft tall - Have never seen this before - So, can't give you any information about it - All suggestions - help is appreciated. Grows in full sun, North Carolina US [ Triad Area ] Thank you. 1 PiP Celosia argentea (Celosia Plumosa, Cockscomb, Cockscomb ... - put a request on --- at least 6 people answered !

Changes ..

And all at once, summer collapsed into Fall. - Oscar Wilde

Concert above Season Changes ..

Mockingbird at the top of Season-Changing Dogwood leaves - 3 PiP 1 - Clematis - Kardynal Wyszynski 2 - Yakity Yak Flowers .. False Dragon Head, Obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana) 3 - Cascade of Dogwood Leaves and berries.. Season changes ..

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Sipping Skipper ...

- on a Buddleja - there were 3 colors, but this was the chosen one Down The Road @ NotMyGarden - Best viewed large - .. 2 PiP ..

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Through the branches ..

colors of kayaks and canoes - reflections in the waters - of Lake Mac - slight ripples - peace - have been many times - with Pam J - and my Sister-In-Law - and solo trips - 2 PiP
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