My Tree ...

in local cemetery .. placement draws me to it .. wonder if it was planted before the pavement was widened .. each season I take a photo .. this tree is at least 40 yrs old .. this is the Fall Portrait .. once there was a Persimmon Tree in this area .. but no longer can be found .. would come with my container and collect just enough orange fruits .. and make Persimmon Pudding .. ah .. got to find a Persimmon Tree - someplace .. © All Rights Reserved .. EXPLORE ..

. . .

A touch of Love left for someone loved dearly .. . © All Rights Reserved ** EXPLORE **

Linwood ..

very old cemetery - narrow roads and this walkway - perhaps used with smaller vehicles - or horses - haven't discovered too much about this place - the tall obelisks are for people who helped built this area - (c) All Rights Reserved

Sentry . .

.. a section of a very old iron gate .. Providence Church and Cemetery .. the begining of the Church was in the 1763 .. no idea the age of this ironwork .. seems like it has been there for quite a while (c) All Rights Reserved

somber ..

- stone carving of an Angel - local cemetery - quite old & weathered - done by a talented person - love the details - no enhancement cropped/signed/framed only in: © All Rights Reserved

.. Another Link - from long ears to short, carved ears ......

Tree trunk carving ... of a bear .. a cemetery in Florida uses tree trunks for animal carvings .. instead of just chopping down a tree .. it is used for Art .. - for Another Link in the Chain © All rights reserved SOOC

Carved ...

Another Link In The Chain - one solo statue and another this terrapin/turtle is a huge as he seems .. the carvings in tree trunks are amazing ... © All rights reserved #41 Project 52

We are all ' Day to Day ' --

Charlie Steiner, a sports commentator on ESPN once said something I've not forgotten .. talking about certain athletes and whether or not they would be ready to play the next game .. Charlie said "they are day to day" .. and continued without changing the tone of his voice saying ... "but aren't we all" .. have no info on this mausoleum - will try to find out drove through winding pathways in three connecting cemetaries .. fascinating history when one reads the headstones ... SOOC View On Black © All rights reserved

Ever on watch ..

over one of the Seven Hills of Rome, GA .. Myrtle Hill Cemetary .. © All rights reserved
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