Majik ...

imported from the Dark side to iP different years/ different cameras (c) All Rights Reserved

Sigh of an Anhinga ..

- must you? - sigh - was planning on some 'private-feather-drying-time - then .. you showed up - another sigh ! - humans!!! (taken 2011) (c) Copyright

.. all a flutter

© All rights reserved

Okay, you got anything for me this time ?

unable to get the trash bag out (which had food scraps in it), this frustrated goose headed over to my car .. had just gotten back in, since I was laughing so hard at his futile attempts to drag that bag out .. guess he didn't like it too much .. he certainly has attitude ! © All rights reserved

It is ..

slightly used .. on the grounds at the vets office .. ^SOOC © All rights reserved

Uncle Swan ..

one of the decorated 5 foot tall entries in the Swansation Project .. benefiting Explorations V (a childrens' hands on museum).. and local charities .. non-flying waterbird ! (c) All Rights Reserved

Well, humans... !

guess I'll have to fly over there for peace... it was nice & quiet.. still as could be until the human arrived.. moving all around with that box... it's my park... will have to put up a sign to keep the humans out.. ---- now, my POV Point Of View... this waterbird was on the left, doing whatever they do while I sat & had a snack.. then, walked over toward the water (intercoastal waterway) to take some photos.. he seemed patient for a while... but then shot me a look & took off ! he landed way over on the right side... far away ! Memories of Melbourne 209 Florida, USA © All rights reserved

Perspective .... Warm thoughts --

Another Link in the Chain .. from still waters to waters lapping coastal rocks for Archive Airings - Happy New Year - AA25 - Warm Thoughts! pilings of the Pier on Anna Maria Island, Florida US ... on this end, the sand... the other end ? a restaurant, place to fish & brown pelicans very willing to help... small waves from Tampa Bay lap at rocks before sinking into the sand... ^no enhancement ^cropped for size © All rights reserved

One Classy Swan ..

- train crossing

waiting for the trains .. it was really long .. lost track of count after awhile .. Another Link in the Chain -- linking railroad tracks to rail cars on tracks (c) All Rights Reserved
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