Morning visit . .

North Carolina Songbirds -

.. songbirds found in North Carolina USA .. Piedmont area of the State .. includes American Robin Black and White Warbler Blue Jay Carolina Chickadee Carolina Wren Catbird Cedar Waxwing Chipping Sparrow [aka 'Jack Sparrow'] Dark Eyed Junco Downy Woodpecker Eastern Bluebird Eastern Towhee Flycatcher Goldfinch House Finch (2015 - following 2 broods of chicks develop and fledge) Mourning Dove Nor…  (read more)

Hello ..

One of the House Finch fledglings .. He doesn't mind having his photo taken .. Got to love those feathers !

Looking Up ..

Northern Mockingbird on a rooftop next door .. No singing .. Observant ..

Warning ..

House Finch [m] looks as though he is singing - No .. warning me that I have entered 'his space' - This Dogwood is his favorite spot to let me know - At times, he will sing beautifully - Not this time - There are at least 3 recently hatched 'kids' nearby - I'm not allowed visitation - Period ! 1 PiP

Through the window ..

Cardinal in the White Ash tree .. How brightly those red feathers appear with the winter colors around him .. Taken in 2016 by my daughter when she came for a visit [ from Montana ] "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory." Dr. Seuss

Just the two of us ...

Mr Goldfinch and I .. he was hungry finding seeds .. once in awhile glanced at me .. especially when I moved the car .. but, when he was finished .. as he flew a way .. in his own 'language', I heard "see you later" .. at least that is what I imagine.. Taken at City Park .. 3 PiP of Goldfinch 1 PiP of dinner

'I heard something' ..

American Robin - stopping to listen - then chirping to let me know "I'm still here" - another step - snack searching


Singing Robins .. ** EXPLORE - VIDEOS **

Singing into Summer ...

American Robin .. (Turdus migratoris) .. per Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America .. The Robin has a "rich, cheery song - beginning before dawn Don't know if the PiP is the same Robin .. [ photo taken 29 June ] But, both were in great song ! * PiP * -- EXPLORE --

Well ----

Do I have to - stop - listen - search - and get it myself ? Or Are you going to tell me where the best earthworms are? It would be appreciated.. - 1 PiP - ** EXPLORE **
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