Oh So Busy ...

Several different angles of the same Carpenter Bee .. Getting covered in Orange Cosmos pollen .. Acrobat of the Day .. 1 PiP In Dogwood Patch Garden-A Garden -- EXPLORE --


Cosmos ~ In Dogwood Patch - A Garden 1 PiP is the original tweaked/digital is Artsy for DickM aka Sir Richard of the Land of Lakes he always kids me about 'getting artsy www.ipernity.com/home/340545 --EXPLORE--

Hello ...

My name is Jane [Magnolia] .. I don't grow as large as my cousin, Southern Magnolia [who also has large white flowers] .. Living next door to the lady who took these photos .. She comes over twice a year when I bloom .. The nice neighbor who planted me calls me a 'Tulip Tree' .. What's in a name Think she enjoys it because she doesn't have to do anything .. Just enjoy the beauty her neighbor has presented her .. ** 3 PiP **

Tawney Day Lily . . .

" Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain." Henry David Thoreau There is joy in Nature - in the colors, forms,lines, curves and textures .. - from one who loves to dig in the dirt, but camera is near ... .. EXPLORE ..

Pollen !

Tis the season for pollen and bees of all sizes. This one is as big as he seems - and loud! Getting as much pollen from the Carolina Evening Primrose .. fun to watch. ** 3 PiP ** -- EXPLORE --

.. on warm day

Left - Tawney Day Lily Right - NC Native petunias Bottom R - one of the many volunteers [Viola family] PiP in each photo .. EXPLORE ..


When one has bloomed until all energy is gone, this is what a Clematis looks like .. sort of. Of course, a bit of tweaking here and there has been done. Formerly known as : Kardynal Wyszynski * 2 PiP *

Mother Nature ..

- gave us a day full of rain and dull skies yesterday - but, today - just look at the beauty - rain [ liquid sunshine ] - a necessary thing - for a beautiful day like this 1 PiP ** EXPLORE **

Well ----

Do I have to - stop - listen - search - and get it myself ? Or Are you going to tell me where the best earthworms are? It would be appreciated.. - 1 PiP - ** EXPLORE **
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