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YardMakeOver * Florida * June 2010 * - Day 1+* resident flower, tree, shrub photos *

..transforming the yard ..daily documenting ..will have color .. and so much more! Florida US ________________ ..documentation of growth/change .. some good - some not .. but, it is what it is Date: 03/01/2011 - and it will continue to be updated ! Date: 06/11-2011 - lots going on -- growth, blooms of red, gold, purple, pink ! New bloom ..African Iris and Pineapple Guava this year .. 2012…  (read more)

Before shot ...

this will be gone .. the landscaper came by on Friday .. we have more ideas now .. instead of just nuking the whole thing .. still some good areas of St Augustine grass to keep .. but, the weeds have got to go .. went out this morning & hand pulled a lot .. seems like barely a dent was made .. ran out of energy .. tomorrow is another day .. good things will be kept .. like the Viburnum in the background .. a job .. oh, yeah .. © All Rights Reserved ^SOOC

Now, I see him .. Day 1

The Yard Supervisor, Rascal Catt, Esq. was doing his job, yet I never saw him until the photos were uploaded .. walking the yard .. daily documenting progress .. a transformation .. from weeds .. to beauty .. it will be .. a joy to sit with my camera out there .. even more so than it is now ~ © All Rights Reserved

Evening shadows ... Day 2

in the sand .. come enjoy getting sandy toes .. bring your camera .. oh, yes .. beverages available, too ! ©SD All Rights Reserved

Farewell Green Soul . . Day 3

The Cherry Laurel in the back yard, even though pruned and cared for, has been losing large branches .. it really needed to be planted with Oak companions instead of standing alone to fend for itself all these many years .. breezes, shade and filtered sun through your arms will be missed .. the Mourning Doves will miss visiting .. I will explain to them .. how can one get attatched to a tree ? just know that it saddens me that Cherry L is gone .. even though another tree will be planted, suitable for this area .. it will not replace your green footprints and those gentle, wispy, breezy hugs . . Namaste from a Green Soul .. © All rights reserved

Okay, we must decide... is this a moat? Is it a huge ant farm? Or - could it possibly be some subterranean creature digging in the yard? Day 4-5 continued ...

but, know it will be a quite harmless irrigation system - fun to imagine .. almost like figuring out cloud shapes ! ©SD All Rights Reserved SOOC #26 Project 52

Make over - Day 6

more trenches dug .. old pipes discovered .. black flexible is new and hooked to the downspout for now .. old clay pipe cut into 10' lengths .. think we found an old irriation pipe used back when this area was an orange grove .. fascinating .. will get over to that area and get a shot of it! ©SD All Rights Reserved SOOC

But not today - at least not now .. Day 7 (part 1)

the rains are holding off and irrigation pipes are being put down into the trenches all over the yard .. noticed the mailperson hasn't crossed through the yard in days ! © All Rights Reserved

In the trenches ... Day 7

go irrigation pipes .. 0n the 7th day of the Make-over .. ©SD All Rights Reserved

Untitled - Day 7

bucket with tools, primer & glue .. serves as a resting spot for another length of pipe .. sunlight filters through Camphor leaves .. leaving sod and a hand in the shadows .. ©SD All Rights Reserved
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