Tropical Paradise

© All rights reserved - from below my feet to the sky above welcome to views of a Tropical Paradise ~

.. by the lake

A Limpkin .. Usually a solitary wading bird .. Feathers of olive- brown and white .. - from AnimalPlanet website: "Limpkin, a marsh bird native to Georgia and Florida and southward to South America. The limpkin grows up to 28 inches (71 cm) long, including its 4 ½-inch (11-cm) bill. Its plumage is olive-brown streaked with white. It has long, slender legs that hang downward in flight. Because of its wailing cry, eeow, the limpkin is also known as the crying bird. The name limpkin refers to the bird's halting walk. The limpkin frequents marshes, where it feeds on frogs and other aquatic animals, particularly the apple snail. Four to eight eggs, which are light-brown blotched with brown and gray, are laid in a nest built in a shrub. The limpkin's young are able to swim when they emerge from the egg, and leave the nest the day they hatch. The limpkin is Aramus guarauna of the family Aramidae." cropped/signed only in: © All Rights Reserved

looking up ..

.. at a sky roof .. colors of .. vibrant yellow .. easy-going green .. with a canvas of blue .. white puffy thingys, too .. for all my friends who need some warmth .. sat in the backyard yesterday with a dear Soul .. we talked about cameras [of course !] .. settings and that stuff .. while enjoying warm breezes .. aromas of citrus blossoms .. oh .. the power line is in here on purpose .. for you, Jax ~ cropped/framed/signed in: © All Rights Reserved * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * " The night was cold and dark and wet As they wandered on alone. The sky became their canopy The earth became their throne And as their raiment ran to rags They thought it nothing wrong For earth and sky are robe enough When you sing the gypsie's song." - a verse from Beggars To God The song "Beggars To God" was written and composed by Bob Franke, and is often used by the band Empty Hats as their closing song. This performance features Empty Hats members Carl Asch (aka Giacomo the Jester) on lead vocals and guitar, Gary Mazzu (aka Demitrius) on guitar, Lynda Kavy (aka Looney Lucy) on bodhran, and Vicki Scuteri (aka Lady Victoria) on the violin.

.. well ?

would you like to take a dip .. weather was warm .. sunny .. yes, this was taken on 25 Jan. 2013 .. for me, still a bit cool for this activity .. see the lifeguards? if they have on a t-shirt .. the air temp. is still cool for a dip .. just thought you might like a break .. from digging out of that white stuff .. from Florida .. USA cropped/framed/signed only in: © All rights reserved -- 2 notes --

needed . .

- a bench - to dream - cloud watch - enjoy warmth - from Florida sun - in January - study shadow shapes - see who flits by - with feathered wings - or golden yellow ones - stopping briefly to nectar - chirping songs - squirrel chatter - life is beautiful edited in: - all Free Features - © All Rights Reserved

origami . .

- overhead - folding cotton clouds - into a 'Good Luck Crane' - oh, how difficult - yet in my imagination - it is complete - elegant - fluffy puffs - on wings of blue - my Good Luck Crane is with me edited in: © All Rights Reserved

- framed on the bank

Mallard in middle-quack .. letting his opinion be known to the Coots .. quietly the water rippled in the breeze .. leaving reflection .. some moving .. others still .. edited in: - using Free edit Features only © All Rights Reserved

Shades of Green . .

- midst the pink Seminole Hibiscus - Azaleas of fuschia - Bleeding Hearts (leaning across from D's yard) - a few petals of the Pinwheel Jasmine - Kalanchoe, green and also with a touch of color - hanging like unlit lanterns - brown cones - long slender ones are male of the Coontie Plant - member of the Cycad family - dinosauers/ancient one native to Florida - top left corner & bottom right .. think those are female cones - if so, they will have orange seeds in them - a toxic plant, it has been used by the Seminole Tribe for food - a long involved process to get starch from the root .. making flour - this plant is the only one I know of that the rare Atala Butterfly feeds on - so, one should plant quite a few - the larvae can strip the leaves quickly framing of the collage/crop/signature: © All Rights Reserved

sunshine . .

.. touching the blooms .. of a bromeliad .. maybe one of the last this year .. love all the shades .. in such a small area .. it is fun to find a spot of color .. when you have no idea the plant was there .. special .. just special edited in: © All Rights Reserved

advantage . .

.. just go out the back door to pick a fresh orange or grapefruit .. buy at the grocer store or produce stand ? .. no ! .. but, it doesn't look as pretty an orange color .. this is the real way oranges look .. don't have to scrub pesticides off .. wash them; cut & enjoy ! .. nope .. don't miss the snow & cold .. can still go barefoot & wear short sleeves .. okay, I'll quit .. but is it alright to send some warm breezes your way ? edited in: © All Rights Reserved
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