Tropical Paradise

© All rights reserved - from below my feet to the sky above welcome to views of a Tropical Paradise ~

- in no hurry

Little Blue Heron .. just dragging those feet .. might stir up some food-action . love his shadow in the lake, too .. great to capture a bonus ! ^ no enhancement cropped/signed/collage done in: © All rights reserved

African Iris layers - for PaulO Classic

African Iris (Dietes iridiodes) . . info from the Floridata website about this gorgeous Lady ! Paul calls these "magic flowers" .. check his photostream here: © All rights reserved

Feather Fuss !

- hiding didn't make me disappear - so, getting loud [as only a Great Blue can] - rats, she's still here ! - the things we go through - minding our own business - searching for food - grooming to we look elegant - then, those people show up - boy, some really do stay a long time ! - she should have enough to last a while all cropped/signed only in: ^ no enhancement ^ © All Rights Reserved

oh, the things we see -

.. usually elegant Great Blue Heron .. caught in process of 'feather-fixing' .. grooming - preening .. feathers were every which way .. elegance not now .. almost back to the stately GBH .. we know and love .. almost .. but, since he's not quite there .. used new textures in PicMonkey edited in: © All Rights Reserved

- now you see me

then you don't .. blink .. I'm gone .. © All Rights Reserved

Aerial dance continued .. - some interesting facts about the Little Blue Heron, but could find nothing to explain the aerial shots of them - although one website said, "they have yellow eyes" - looked back through all Little Blue Heron photos - in set : Wings! Galore - no yellow eyes - this is the 1st time I've seen two this close together - still think it has something to do with nesting - must go back and see if the nest is in a Cypress tree © All Rights Reserved

Little Blue landing strip ..

- what a fascinating time to be at the lake - spotted the Little Blue Heron on the bank - wading .. looking for a tasty morsel or two - when all of a sudden - here comes a fly-in Little Blue - they did some touch landing type of flying - since they are in breeding feathers - perhaps it is a ritual - if any other shots turn out decently - will post - it was a beautiful flurry of blue ! © All Rights Reserved

.. Amaryllis

.. of red .. the color of my petals .. with splashes of gold .. from the sun .. Amaryllis .. blooming beneath a citrus tree .. both the tree and Amaryllis .. have been here for ages .. talk to them .. scatter some fertilizer [when I remember] .. urge them to come forth in beauty .. every year edited in: © All Rights Reserved A for the Alphabet Site Archives - 2013 - Florida US

Miz Red . .

.. Florida Bokeh sky --- Rainbow Building group -- ReD --- .. citrus branches over her shoulders .. another one to wake you .. for your day to begin with a BanG ! .. yes, as long as they bloom - you shall receive !! © All Rights Reserved
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