Tropical Paradise

© All rights reserved - from below my feet to the sky above welcome to views of a Tropical Paradise ~

Citrus Specials

.. aroma of citrus blossoms .. fill the air .. orange & grapefruit .. when the blossom falls .. a very small green orb is left .. to become a delicious .. tasty grapefruit or orange .. growing fruit in the yard .. oh, yeah ! cropped/signed/framed in: © All rights reserved

. . . Why this edited African Iris brought this song to mind, I have no idea. Played it while editing; while creating my own texture to add along with one in PicMonkey.. this just feels right. May you all enjoy and have a blessed week. Namaste, Sheeba © All Rights Reserved

Honeysuckle in waiting .. yellow/red Rainbow Building

- for a hummingbird - any one - not picky - welcome to any flyer - nectar available - just passing on the info - cropped/signed/framed in: © All Rights Reserved

as a matter of fact -

.. our Lease has been extended .. if you know the proper people to contact .. no problem .. have you seen any weather reports .. from up North? .. well, if you must know .. ThaT is why we are still here! .. never knew you guys were so nosy .. oh, you were next in line for this pad .. got it! .. but, we aren't ready to leave .. that's life edited in: © All Rights Reserved

Sign up ..

- for 'How-To-Nap 101' - basic course must be completed - before further skill level courses - any of us will accept your application - but do note - classes fill quickly - looking forward to seeing you - a good Nap is an Art .. passed along by another Ibis .. not napping at the time edited in: © All Rights Reserved

- not just any

ducks .. Black Bellied Whistling ducks .. they seem so proper .. the way they lean back on their heels [ if ducks have heels ] .. don't make as much noise / chatter as do Mallards or Pekin ducks .. but, they don't miss a thing .. including one who is always watching the human .. it was a very Ducky Day ! collage done in: ^ no enhancement © All rights reserved

- gone fishing

.. the fisherpersons have left .. now, shall find some snacks or even dinner .. it's a great day to go fishing ! cropped/signed in: © All rights reserved

Sunshine heron. .

.. Great Blue Heron in the lake .. watching for movement in the waters .. time for a snack .. but, he had fisherpersons to deal with .. one left, but the other was still there .. certainly those humans have been told it is the .. Lake of The Great Blue Heron ! cropped/signed in: © All rights reserved


.. behavior .. changed by the Full moon? .. haven't seen Herons challenge each other .. for foraging areas before .. they just move on to another spot .. the Large White one didn't want anybody .. feeding in his ditch! .. sometimes they don't even get along .. as my friend, Winnie the Pooh would say .. "it is a puzzlement .." collage done in: © All rights reserved
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