Tropical Paradise

© All rights reserved - from below my feet to the sky above welcome to views of a Tropical Paradise ~

Waiting for supper ..

- impatient chicks - wait for the fresh - catch of the day - Dad should be there soon - Area5 / parking lot on top of light pole - painting done in: © All Rights Reserved There is one egg in this nest in Montana on the LiveCam

. .

Another Link in the Chain -- soft blue leather to a soft blue sky -- A dragon - fly .. they were all over the grasses .. willows .. reeds ... drive by shot.. edited in: © All Rights Reserved

The Osprey Family is home ..

.. quick get a portrait of them all .. Mom, the Little One & Dad .. seem quite comfortable in their nest .. Mom was feeding the Little One .. while Dad rested .. think they have another egg .. will see Area 1 © All Rights Reserved .. thanks, alfuso

Juvenile Osprey -

.. with a chick just to the left .. feathers on head of chick visible .. saw nothing else of size Area2 © All Rights Reserved LiveCam Missoula MT .. on Wednesday, it snowed on her ...but, she does have at least one egg .. this is really a cool site [ if you like birds, anyhow ]

hiding ..

.. in the shadows of glossy .. leaves of green .. one Gardenia .. fragrant .. such aroma .. she couldn't hide for long © All Rights Reserved

Osprey family painting ..

Fast Facts - [ National Geographic site ] Type: Bird Diet: Carnivore .. 99% fish Average life span in the wild: 30 years Size: Body, 21 to 23 in (54 to 58 cm); Wingspan, 5 to 6 ft (1.5 to 1.8 m) Weight: 3.1 to 4.4 lbs (1.4 to 2 kg) The Osprey is one of the most widespread birds of prey and can be found on every continent except Antarctica. They lay eggs (typically three), which both parents help to incubate. Osprey eggs don't hatch all at once, but are staggered . This is one family [ photos taken in a parking lot; the nest is on top of a light pole ] .. Found another family with an even younger chick. Photos to come ... edited in: © All Rights Reserved

- can it be done ?

frame the sun .. ----- The Rainbow Building group --- this is probably as close as possible .. a yellow Hibiscus .. from a garden .. not mine .. but, sculpted Lady of Sunshine needed to be seen .. for any who may just stop by to see .. who this bright spot is in their day .. welcome ~ © All Rights Reserved

.. quick !

little fellow - brown hare - near a lake - Central Florida - edited in: © All Rights Reserved

- weaving around

a vine .. don't know what it is .. just thought it was nice .. ID ----------------------- thanks to mmmavocado -- white Mandevilla sold as 'Sun Parasol' thinking Jasmine .. or .. Honeysuckle .. but one of y'all will be able to tell me .. © All Rights Reserved
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