Tropical Paradise

© All rights reserved - from below my feet to the sky above welcome to views of a Tropical Paradise ~

Blue canvas ..

Sky of blue with cotton-candy-clouds .. Wind chimes of wood made a beautiful sound .. As a slight breeze wrapped around them .. Creating a soft sound .. Taken in Florida US (2008) Archive Airings © All rights reserved EXPLORE

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- on the wall

.. linking wall paintings with wall murals .. Another Link in the Chain .. A mural in a shopping plaza .. Holmes Beach .. Anna Maria Island, FL .. It really represents the area .. Can still feel that Gulf breeze .. - collage done in (c) All Rights Reserved

Link - one aerial nest to multi aerial nests ..

only part.. Another Link in the Chain .. one nest to multiple nests of the Rookery .. Wood stork nests .. Cormorants .. Anhingas .. Snowy Egrets .. haven't seen Herons or Roseatte Spoonbills -- yet .. been digitally tracking this area for 3 yrs now .. the birds are all increasing in numbers .. hopefully that equates with more chick survival .. this is a hand held shot.. will go back with tripod .. but, this is a really noisy place .. chicks with mouths open .. voicing displeasure at not being .. fed quickly enough ? © All Rights Reserved ..just going by 2012 photos, there are more Wood storks this year; just a visual via photos, by no means do I count them..

- delicious

weeds .. clover .. dandelions .. plantain leaf .. and grass .. or.. lettuce .. spinach ... In fact, geese will eat almost any plant... even will accept hand-outs of crackers or bread from humans .. cropped/framed/watermark in: © All Rights Reserved

- it can be lonely

at the top .. Wood stork atop Mangroves .. watching over part of the Rookery .. doesn't have all his 'adult' feathers .. or those pink feet .. yet .. the Wood Storks are breeding .. very successfully this year .. edited in: © All Rights Reserved

getting ready ---

.. the invitation said 'Formal' .. so primp .. preen .. fix all feathers .. must look elegant .. oh, it takes so much .. time to get put together .. can't use any gel .. or the wind blown .. natural look .. will be gone .. ah, now to look into the lakewaters .. check .. make sure each feather is in place .. got to have my Party look on ! Snowy Egret in full elegance .. edited in: © All Rights Reserved

Dreams of flying ?

- this Osprey chick first seen end of April -- note added -- - really has thrived - seemed like Mom decided - he/or/she could be left for a while - so, off to catch a fish - this is Area1 - nest on top of a light pole - in parking lot - this is at least the 2nd year for this nest - amazing Raptors - hope you find some where you are - it is a treat to look up - and there they are - so many nests this year - have no idea of the number - nor if all have been successful - in hatching the eggs cropped/watermark only in: © All Rights Reserved

got fish? -- that link has probably been taken down by now / 30Nov2013 Local Osprey with chick .. Needs an enormous amount of food .. All areas seem to have thriving chicks .. - the link above is for a LiveCam in Dunedin, FL - a fascinating history of the nest and how humans made it better ~ cropped/watermark only: ^no enhancement / SOOC © All Rights Reserved

just strolling . .

- looking for a snack - eyes looking for movement - feet .. drag slowly through the water - something will show up - now - if 'she' would go away - check out the ducks for a while - maybe my luck would change - drat ... she is still there! - know what must be done - fly to the other side of this lake - she can't interfere with searching - and he did just that ! © All Rights Reserved
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