And what do you see ?

Tribal/Gypsy Dance

Orlando with Talisen as emcee.. Port St Lucie... AMBDC / Oct '08 Tin Can Gypzees in Founder's Day Parade, Zephyrhills, FL 2009 Dancing at drum circles Demo dances at Strawberry Classic Car Show..Plant City FL © All rights reserved

polka dots 13

Scavenger Hunt 101 Polka dots sh 13 .. 'someone wearing polka dots' - as soon as she walked in the door for dance class - the radar went off ! - asked her if she would pose for my polka dot photo - got those luscious tresses as a bonus ! edited in: © All Rights Reserved

Dance !

Collage of Candid shots .. Class this past week .. movement, joy, fun .. The Colors Of Dance ~ © All rights reserved

And what do you see ?

.. color .. so many colors .. must remember .. use all the crayons in my box .. life is full of color ^SOOC © All rights reserved

In the windmills of your mind..

Purple spotlight on blonde hair.. [ "A Lyrical Connection" - Windmills of Your Mind .. ] accents how much these belly dancers were one with their music... goose bump.. chill bumps.. whatever one calls it... this performance gave them out for free.... taken in Orlando, Florida USA @ Tribal Festival .. ^cropped only © All rights reserved

Tribal dancer..

Member of Troupe Bal Hepsi dances to the rhythm of the drums.. © All rights reserved

**** Tassels, beads, full flying skirt... *****

the tribal bellydancer's routine causes movement of colors... *********** Colors of the Rainbow for Rainbow Building © All rights reserved

Backbend with her dance partner..

.. graceful couple .. tribal dancer with Troupe Bal Hepsi & her partner © All rights reserved

Shine !

On her way back to the workshop, this bellydancer stopped so I could photograph the detail of her hip scarf and tassels. © All rights reserved

Patterns of Silk ...

Cinnamon buns - The display of silk veils, wrapped in bun-shapes remind me of cinnamon buns.. very colorful ones! Veils were at the table of Jewel of India vendor at Festival on the Nile.. bellydance seminar / workshop in Orlando.. held twice a year. **website: Archive Airings - AA21 - Patterns 2009 Dance instructor scheduled is : Rachel George, based in the Pacific northwest. Come join us at the Ramada Hotel Orlando/Celebration.. either for the workshop; shows on Friday night (Oct 2nd) and Saturday night (Oct. 3rd). Or come spend a day; look at all the wonderful items for sale by the vendors. Shop! Come by the registration table & say, Hi ! © All rights reserved
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