American black ..


Straight Out Of Camera Straight Off Of Camera .. no processing .. sometimes cropping for size issues .. .. signed usually © All rights reserved

Southern Ringneck ..

Southern Ringneck snake - non venomous Diadophis punctatus " * Average size: 6-10 inches; Record 18.9 inches. Young are about 3-4 inches at birth. * Range: Throughout Florida, excluding lower keys. * Diet: Earthworms, small snakes, lizards and frogs. * Status: Common, found in a variety of habitat, under logs, leaf litter and debris. * Brightly-colored yellow/orange underside, a beautiful snake. " From : Florida Backyard Snakes Daniel D. Dye Photographer and Author - found yesterday on the concrete; this morning it was dead... in the same place. - there were several small ones in the sand - since all were dead, they have been buried - no idea what happened - have not sprayed anything - no pesticides used by us - first time these have been seen in our yard SOOC © All rights reserved

Through your eyes ..

- you see ---- Archive Airings - AA22 - Old, rusty & decayed --- - you imagine - you dream - reality to you - may be different to me - yet, it is no less real - just different - look and let your mind wander - relax in the reflections - dream, my Friends - dream - signed only © All rights reserved

do this - don't do that - YOU better read the signs

- especially the one that says "Attention" - all in CapS!! SOOC © All rights reserved

Things are looking up!

- a large dragonfly - Red Saddlebags, per Paul Hueber - he was Huge! - kept coming back to the car antenna - yes, there are many photos of him against that blue canvas sky - seen in Central Florida, USA - 09.02.2011 - taken at 10:56am EDT - warm, sunny day - in a parking lot - about 3 inches long .. maybe longer - the patterned area of the bottom wings seemed to blow in the breeze separate from the wings - a few other dragonflies around, but not as large nor did they have his markings - Thanks, Paul for the ID ~ © All rights reserved

American black ..

vulture .. by the road side .. only one other seen .. on top of a light pole .. SOOC -signed only © All rights reserved

Drip .. drop ..

- make larger to capture the wonder of the raindrops - on the swirled white petals - Pinwheel Jasmine .. heavenly aroma SOOC -signed only © All rights reserved

Crane of a different color ..

- found this unusual cloud-positioning crane - nowhere near the flying cranes with feathers - against a Florida sky of blue, white puffy thingys get hoisted into place " Another Link in the Chain " SOOC -signed © All rights reserved

Little yellow ..

flowers popping out on the Ginger Cones.. just an update on progression .. no hints of red .. a bit early for that .. but, squeeze the Ginger Cone .. aroma of ginger .. have heard some use it for shampoo .. some for hand lotion .. it is a Ginger Forest back there ! SOOC -signed only © All rights reserved

Hunting dragons ..

-with wings -perched atop cattails going to seed -it was a great day ! -they were out in abundance SOOC -signed only © All rights reserved - best viewed larger -
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