American black ..


Straight Out Of Camera Straight Off Of Camera .. no processing .. sometimes cropping for size issues .. .. signed usually © All rights reserved

oh, it's you - again

.. yes, took her photo last year .. she still manages to glare at me .. against the blue canvas backdrop .. she is a beauty .. even if I get 'the Look' [ Florida during Osprey-season ] ^no enhancement^ cropped/watermark only - - to really get an up close look at an Osprey nest, view this site: SOOC © All Rights Reserved

.. hurry !

noises broke the stillness .. of the hunt for supper .. so .. he was out of there .. had been following him with my camera .. sigh .. some people just .. don't get it .. quiet zone .. birds and camera person .. are nearby ! © All Rights Reserved

Crape / Crepe ..

.. this is still Miz Myrtle .. regardless of how is should be spelled .. leaves popping out .. promises a multitude of blooms .. next month .. sure! .. you'll see photos ! cropped/signed only: © All Rights Reserved

white and not - - -

... thought of you and your Swan shot ... for you ... Ibis flying to the bank ... look carefully at the base of the Cypress ... that is no Ibis ... a statue with feathers SOOC cropped/signed only in: © All rights reserved

shadows and sun ..

- on petals of linen - Seminole Pink Hibiscus - cropped - signed - no enhancement © All Rights Reserved

GreatBlueHeron - GBH -

.. Save It ..! .. on a day like today -- "The Alphabet Site" -- 'G' .. nothing will do .. the 'feather-do' .. won't .. so, this is a Great Blue Heron .. wind-blown style .. elegant display .. by a regal wader SOOC .. framed/cropped/signed only in: © All Rights Reserved

2013 - a new year ... for Kristy

* Collectible Bulb 2009 .. Created in the Orient by artisans using specialized brushes to hand paint each glass bulb on the inside.. thru a small hole. The Ancient Art of Eglemise dates back to the Emperors. This ornament "Celebrate the Hillsboro Inlet" was hand painted by Pat Anderson - In 2002, the rock-base of Hillsboro Inlet outer-channel was dredged to 20 feet and widened into a fan shape. The northern boundary has two red markers. A reef warning marker and three green markers clearly define the southern boundary of the new channel.South of these markers is a rock reef that is partially exposed at low tide. The controlling depth of the channel seaward of the jetties is 15 feet and from the jetties to the bridge it is 8 feet. The Hillsboro Inlet District owns a dredge used to bypass sand to the south. Most of southerly migrating sand is caught in a sand trap and then pumped under the Inlet to the beach to the south. Between the north jetty and the lighthouse, there is a weir to allow sand to allow sand to wash into the sand trap during NE storms. At extreme high tides the rock-based weir can be awash and should not be mistaken as a means of navigating the Inlet. The rock dredging took two months total spread over the last six months of 2002. by Jack Holland, Chairman Hillsboro Inlet Dredge Commission -- information taken from the box which holds the Collectible Bulb --

Sizzle !

- what a find - in the parking lot - these hot wheels - made by Kurv - - the car is an Accord with a neat paint job - colors fade into each other - depending on what angle you view it from - and how much light shines on it - sweet ride ! - figure if I have to ask what it cost -- then I can't afford it ! - Eye Candy on Wheels - all photos are SOOC - collage/frame/signature done in: © All Rights Reserved

Please - Read the sign !

- while looking at the jewelry - to see if any 'needed' a new home - saw the cup with spilled liquid - and the sign next to it - asked the clerk if she had a paper towel so I could mop it up for her - she looked at me.. then laughed - " I made the sign because people left open drinks up here, but a friend 'made' the spilled - drink cup and straw" - the clerk reached down and picked the entire thing up - so it got photographed - yes, I fell for it - makes me wonder how many others have also ! SOOC © All Rights Reserved
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