American black ..


Straight Out Of Camera Straight Off Of Camera .. no processing .. sometimes cropping for size issues .. .. signed usually © All rights reserved


photo is not enhanced; this cactus cereus and partially opened bloom are perched on the end of the cactus. They are as beautiful as they seem! -cropped only © All Rights Reserved

Night beauty..

no enhancement... total beauty under a starless sky.. Night Blooming Cereus - starts opening at 10pm EDT .. about the size of a saucer .. fragrant - oh so much ! she lasts one night, then closes in the morning .. there are so many varieties of this plant .. SOOC Central Florida USA © All Rights Reserved

Cereus cactus bud ... IMG_3806

green .. purple flower (King's Mantle) .. arms of Alamanda .. some pretty weed-flowers .. droplets of rain .. SOOC © All rights reserved

A cafe' in Melbourne FL

Just noticed my camera bag on the lower left on top of my purse. Do you see the orb on the sleeve of the black jacket? Interesting... * 1 note * © All rights reserved Another Link in the Chain from a duck on a bench to an unusual indoor bench

Myrtle Hill Cemetery #1

stands on one of the seven hills of Rome, GA ' Archive Airings - AA21 - Patterns ' © All rights reserved SOOC

Primary colors ..

red farm buildings.. 'Archive Airings - AA29 - Blue, blue, my world is blue!' blue mountain sky .. yellow Fall/Autumn leaves .. knew there was at least one Fall photo in my archives .. so, here it is .. map it .. well, it is somewhere in Ashe County, North Carolina... Jefferson, West Jefferson, Glendale Springs.... who knows ? ^cropped only ^no enhancement © All rights reserved

Next to The Overshot Waterwheel...

pond.. next to The Hub and overshot water wheel SOOC © All rights reserved

One of the first of so many...

times photographing an Anna Maria Island sunset.. "The Show" .. no charge, no fees.. just the time spent to relax & enjoy where you are.... there is something magical about this place .. very magical ... ^cropped only ^no enhancement Explore: 7 Nov. 2009 #496 © All Rights Reserved

New River ..

..this was in the archives one had looked at it, so here it is again! ..view of the New River, taken from the deck sure the leaves are different in color now! editing, enhancement, etc. ^SOOC View on large to see the kayaks & canoes. ..mapping is an approximation of the locale © All rights reserved
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