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Straight Out Of Camera Straight Off Of Camera .. no processing .. sometimes cropping for size issues .. .. signed usually © All rights reserved

The Other ..

side .. especially for James Ruddy .. who, a couple of weeks ago .. said "all you need to do is get some shots of the other side " .. James, this is especially for YoU ~ ** 1 note - top left ** (c) All Rights Reserved

Linwood ..

very old cemetery - narrow roads and this walkway - perhaps used with smaller vehicles - or horses - haven't discovered too much about this place - the tall obelisks are for people who helped built this area - (c) All Rights Reserved

simply . .

a pale sky - with branches - trying to touch - that which they cannot - (c) All Rights Reserved

2014 ..

.. as diamond raindrops cling to branches of a Dogwood .. this Northern Cardinal ( Cardinalis cardinalis ) perches .. about seven Cardinals were foraging on the ground .. beneath as he watched .. taken through the kitchen window [2 layers of glass] .. 2014 (c) All Rights Reserved

.. Blue Ridge Parkway

.. on Mount Jefferson looking down .. while the sky and mountains perform an aerial ballet (c)PeggyC `13 - cropped/signed only -

Juvenile Osprey .. 14June2013 - what a difference in 10days~

- area 1 - no longer in the nest - perched in an Oak where visibility is excellent - Central Florida USA SOOC All Rights Reserved

Osprey ..

.. area 1 -- view as large as possible -- .. female, but not sure if a juvenile .. heard two Ospreys chirping back and forth .. finally found the other as I was leaving (c) All Rights Reserved

Dreams of flying ?

- this Osprey chick first seen end of April -- note added -- - really has thrived - seemed like Mom decided - he/or/she could be left for a while - so, off to catch a fish - this is Area1 - nest on top of a light pole - in parking lot - this is at least the 2nd year for this nest - amazing Raptors - hope you find some where you are - it is a treat to look up - and there they are - so many nests this year - have no idea of the number - nor if all have been successful - in hatching the eggs cropped/watermark only in: © All Rights Reserved

got fish? -- that link has probably been taken down by now / 30Nov2013 Local Osprey with chick .. Needs an enormous amount of food .. All areas seem to have thriving chicks .. - the link above is for a LiveCam in Dunedin, FL - a fascinating history of the nest and how humans made it better ~ cropped/watermark only: ^no enhancement / SOOC © All Rights Reserved
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