American black ..


Straight Out Of Camera Straight Off Of Camera .. no processing .. sometimes cropping for size issues .. .. signed usually © All rights reserved

Reflections and Mallards ..

- not one huge Mallard, but two - background duck has just surfaced, while the other is still searching for Sub Aquatic Vegetation - signed only SOOC © All rights reserved

Blue + yelllow =

a sea of green .. Blue Daze .. Perennial Peanut Plant .. -signed only SOOC © All rights reserved

High art ..

roof being replaced .. orange cones line the edges .. yellow plastic flags draped against a dark canvas .. all indicate this is a dangerous job .. didn't see anyone working .. -signed only SOOC © All rights reserved

2011 .. just visiting

- since Gracie, the Seminole pink Hibiscus is blooming almost every day, I'll be out taking her photo-of-the-day - she has grown to just below the kitchen window sill and last year I had to stand on tip-toe to see her - am I partial to her ? - well, guess you could say that - if she blooms, I shall shoot !! SOOC © All rights reserved

Ms Crape Myrtle ..

after visiting the Floridata website to find the variety of this bloomer .. discovered that I've spelled her name wrong ! still don't know which variety .. but did find this interesting note on the site: it was posted below a photo that you can imagine how it was 'pruned/hacked' .. " This crape myrtle tree is the victim of pruning abuse. Do not do this because it looks stupid and causes the crape to cry. If you want a three foot high bush, plant a bush like Indian hawthorn, azalea, or some other plant that WANTS to be a low growing shrub. Don't be a control freak and try to hack plants into something they are not. " after laughing like a nut, managed to copy it for your enjoyment! Happy Laughing Monday -signed only SOOC © All rights reserved

Where is he when you need him ?

-Chicken Little - can't you see the sky is falling ? -we must notify the King -how do I know ? -I saw it with my own eyes; heard it with my ears.. and something hit me in the head -we must tell the King ..and off I ran to find Chicken Little to tell the King SOOC -signed only © All rights reserved (shortly after this the men in white coats came to take me away, they did - they came to take me away)

For you this weekend ...

whoever you are .. wherever you are .. take care of yourself .. your loved ones .. all those you hold dear .. and remember those who keep us safe .. whether at home or distant lands .. if we ever meet them or ever will .. keep them in your thoughts, prayers or good wishes .. for all we want .. is to love .. be loved .. in all countries .. all walks of life .. people are people .. have a blessed weekend .. Namaste SOOC © All rights reserved

Be Gone !

oh, you who are disturbing my nap .. sigh .. the things, we who are in the public eye, must endure .. sigh .. SOOC -signed only © All rights reserved

A boat ..

add some people .. sunny blue sky .. Palm trees .. and a lake .. all adds up to a day on the water ! SOOC (random photo-op) © All rights reserved
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