American black ..


Straight Out Of Camera Straight Off Of Camera .. no processing .. sometimes cropping for size issues .. .. signed usually © All rights reserved

.. red

blaze of leaves in the Park .. framed by a tree losing leaves .. (c) All Rights Reserved

Life within the nectar . .

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose . . ." [ taken from a site of quotes on the internet ] There is beauty in all things .. intense .. soft .. and fading .. It is there for us to enjoy .. (c) All Rights Reserved SOOC - Straight Out Of Camera

.. sky painting

- with wisps of clouds - just above tree tops across the street - Straight Out Of Camera shot - no edits - signed only (c) All Rights Reserved

.. enjoy

life while you can - this Silver spotted Skipper had been flying - in and out of the branches & flowers - evading the Robber Fly - when the Skipper stopped for re-fueling - the Robber Fly stopped and watched - (c) All Rights Reserved

.. a moment

pensive .. poignant - in time caught - local, talented singer heard last night - young fellow who got up from his seat on the outside deck - and opened the door to the Grille for me - that hasn't happened in awhile - we chatted a few minutes - then, found out he was going to be singing/playing a little later - taken with available lighting - cropped only - (c) All Rights Reserved ** 1 note **

.. dripping

much needed raindrops - feels so good - ** 1 note ** (c) All Rights Reserved

.. am new here

Soft orange Daylily .. Update: per Dave's Garden site, this is a Kwanso variety, not fully open. There are three layers when open and this lasts longer than one day .. so, is it still a Daylily or a Day+ lily ? throat of yellow with darker orange/red .. just touched by the paintbrush .. of Mother Nature .. not fully open .. checked and looked and there are 2 layers of petals .. this is new ! and the middle part with all the pollen .. so far .. hasn't opened .. will have to go out late and see if it is there ! this makes the 4th kind of Daylily .. in the Garden of Surprises ! (c) All Rights Reserved

Maguerite ..

- and her younger sister - a friend said there is an "umbrella sipper" in here - ol' eagle eye she is - taken yesterday 18 June 2014 - after the road work finished - and the birds began to sing again (c) All Rights Reserved

.. soon

This Viburnum - Korean Spice .. shall burst open .. I will be waiting for the onslaught of butterflies .. especially the Tiger Swallowtails .. all are welcome to drink in this Garden .. certainly are many choices .. (c) All Rights Reserved
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