foraging ..

Sandhill Cranes - ( SHC )

- elegant feathers on stilts - if you see one - when you photograph one - something will change inside you © All rights reserved

Sandhill Cranes - - ( SHC ) .. about 4ft tall .. chicks looks like 'eggs with legs' (per a Craniac friend) .. Craniac? That is someone who loves to observe these majestic birds .. yes, I am a card-carrying Craniac ~ (c) All Rights Reserved

SHC family -

(c) All Rights Reserved

Sandhill Crane -

.. three others were nearby .. digging for food .. yet, this one was alone .. no idea why .. returned the following day - all had moved elsewhere .. this is a juvenile, but this behavior has me puzzled - cropped only (c) All Rights Reserved

foraging ..

- Sandhill Crane looking for food - where he should be - not in the road - saw two of one SHC family [ there are 2 families in this area ] - both busy finding morsels - midst grasses & reeds edited in: © All Rights Reserved

- being totally ignored

by a Sandhill Crane family of three .. they were foraging in the grass of a parking lot adjacent to offices .. watched them from a distance .. took photos .. made no noise .. after what they seemed long enough, I guess .. they walked / strutted with those long legs .. away from me .. sigh .. I followed from a distance .. knowing there were aware of me .. well, this is were they went .. yes, a very busy divided road .. did they fly across ? of course not ! somehow they managed to get to a field .. by walking .. and nobody getting hit .. even though I honked the horn at them .. they dismissed my try to get them out of the road .. and walked ! not to mention the stares from motorists that I got ! [ these were the ones I didn't trust, not the SHCs ] edited in: © All Rights Reserved

Sandhill Crane . .

- sightings - kept his distance from humans - and those things on wheels - feathers of gray - eye of gold - topped with glorious red cropped in: © All Rights Reserved

- looking forward

to a weekend of calm .. filled with peace .. for all touched by the Storm .. it will take time .. for 'normal' to be a part of the day .. but, so many cities from across the USA .. are helping where needed .. bless you and all those who have come to help .. we know .. y'all have been here .. when Florida needed you .. even if we don't know your names .. your souls touched us .. it is our turn .. cropped/framed in: © All Rights Reserved Member of the Flickr Bird Brigade Activists for birds and wildlife

- reflections and ...

a partial SP .. SHC / Sandhill Crane ... aka 'Kathleen' .. strutted between my car and the truck .. in a parking lot .. top Left .. strutting away and reflected in outside mirror .. look toward the top of the photo .. that is a really busy highway - just past the reeds / grasses .. bottom Left .. returning from walk .. Right side .. just passing through, but Official Craniac Card had to be shown ! from one card-carrying-Craniac to the rest of y'all ~ collage done in: © All Rights Reserved

a profile ..

- no one with her - was curious about the car - she was so close - Sandhill Cranes are more beautiful - each time I see them - if one ever gets the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures - how exquisite they are remains burned into your memory cropped in: (c) All Rights Reserved
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