Afternoon on the River ...


photos taken amidst sun, shade, rain and other weather stuff... © All rights reserved

Condemned ..

- a home that had been turned into 2 apartments - is no more - no info on it in the newspaper - guess the dozers will be there next - have driven past it so many times - an old home well kept - interesting architecture © All rights reserved

A reminder ..

''Don't forget the clock pic, Mom" - "Don't forget the outdoor clock photo, Hon" - We parked just down a bit from this clock - I did ask our daughter and my spouse to remind me to take a pic of it when we got back to the car. Bless them both -- If you get to North Carolina .. West Jefferson - go to Boondocks Brewing and Tap Room Restaurant downtown. Great food - wonderful service (Patrick) .. It was packed -- including the outdoor seating area.. Worth the short wait ! They have a website (not up-to-date) and are on Facebook. Somebody explain to me why a website is created and then NOT maintained ? Makes no sense to me ... © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --

Yep ..

If I were going to get one of these ( ha ), this would be it .. Purple .. Have seen them before, but this is the best shade of purple bar none ! Oh, yes ... got a friend who can drive it - All 5ft 3 inches of her ! © All Rights Reserved

Afternoon on the River ...

- a beautiful day in warm, breezy North Carolina - spent with two wonderful friends - met here - in Ipernity - discovering areas in the County - as we were leaving - a ' troop ' of kayakers arrived - to paddle down the Haw River - we had lunch here © All Rights Reserved

I am ..

New here - Try to stay calm as things tend to swirl about me - A nice lady with a camera asked if she could take my photo - Said hundreds, if not thousands of people all over the World would see me - She said a group shares photos - Meets people from far away - And maybe just down the street (like me) - But, the group is having some problems - It sounded way over my head - So, I just asked her to tell all those other people with cameras - Best wishes in their Project - To keep sharing - And making Friendships all over this World - They shouldn't have worries about something they love - I have 'no worries', .. uses too much time - *The Elephant* © All Rights Reserved

2016 - Colors and Critters

Colors and critters of the changing Seasons - Top left- Robins in view from my favorite tree at Pine Hill - Middle - Buddleja hosting an American Lady - Bottom - Toad on brick - Center - on yellow Cosmos - top a busy Carpenter Bee / below - equally Busy Bee - Right - Top - Dark ETS - Middle - Clearwing Moth Bottom - ETS - yellow © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE--

ThreeInARow -

The things one sees - Thank you, SKB - For telling me ''there is a photo-op across the street'' - DickM - borrowed your method of creating a title ( thank you ) Black and White with photos of yard flowers inserted for interest ! © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE -- (don't ask me why!)

- day trip

out the window - white and pink Redbuds - Dogwoods of white - grace the side of the Interstate - different counties plant various things - along the Interstate - soon, blankets of wildflowers and hills of Daylilies - will add more color to North Carolina - former First Lady Dottie Martin, wife of Governor Jim Martin - is credited with initiating the idea for the NC program - © All Rights Reserved ** EXPLORE **

.. in the background

Ice covered snow .. Tis gone now, but the 'old-timers' have a saying .. ''If there is still snow on the ground, it is waiting for more.'' Wasn't true this time .. But, Monday flurries expected .. Not supposed to amount to much .. That saying - has been true in the past ! -- EXPLORE -- © All Rights Reserved
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