• A Lyrical Connection - Hits of the early 1960's illustrated!- Michael, The Highwaymen

    Human powered .. bright yellow kayak on the lake .. heading to shore .. the rower looks quite determined .. it was an interesting day .. this kayak, a jet ski & an airboat © All Rights Reserved

  • Diamonds..

    we have "Diamonds on the soles of our Bird Feet" .. sorry, Paul Simon .. just had to .. Zimbabwe Concert Paul Simon & Ladysmith Black Mambazo 1987 ... www.youtube.com/watch?v=OafqYNCzq5U&feat ure=related © All rights reserved

  • To catch a mallard...

    or three in flight... also have trees coming and going ... no enhancement.. just cropped a bit for size .. © All rights reserved

  • Enjoy...

    this is SOOC .. it just gives me a good feeling ... the light and shadows.. textures .. it is an 'ah,' photo for me... © All rights reserved

  • Okay.. let me know

    when you decide which way the Duck Formation is headed ! view as large as possible !

  • All by myself...

    I watch across the lake.. ducks and geese stop by.. the wind fluffs my leaves.. a breeze moves the clouds above.. all is good...

  • Hot days...

    mean the rain will come.. waterbirds just before the rains gets serious ! shadow clouds mask a blue sky .. © All rights reserved

  • Needed this today ...

    got the rain we need ... so, having a blue-sky memory to pluck from the archives .. makes today blue & breezy and just ducky ! ^cropped for size only © All rights reserved

  • A bench and residents ...

    at a local lake, sometimes I think the resident geese and Ibis are in charge .. especially, the geese ! SOOC © All rights reserved

  • Our turn ..

    for a swim.. don't leave... those kids will be out in a little while.. (c) All Rights Reserved

  • Where ?

    .. are they going.. .. no one is coming with bread.. .. don't see any 'fresh catch of the day' .. .. will go see what they are going to see..

  • Follow...

    these do not look like her cygnets, but don't know what they are.. ducks ? maybe they just thought Ms Swan knew her way around the lake !

  • Calm reflections....

    .. buildings reflect .. in the water .. of our lake .. but we swim , here in our .. home

  • Hold that pose..

    .. feather-fluffing photo op © All rights reserved

  • Before flowering..

    the shape of this crepe myrtle fascinates me.. no flowers, yet.. busy all around it.. but, it is stoic..

  • Got bread ?

    .. with all the activity, there is a food-person nearby with a sack of bread!

  • Floating ..

    White Pelican and numerous waterbirds floating on Lake M - In Florida USA where I once lived - Would drive to this Bird Sanctuary in the middle of town - Enjoying the peaceful atmosphere - Until they all went in one direction because a 'food person' showe…

  • Snowbirds ..

    from Canada .. fly down for warmer weather .. welcomed at inland lakes .. know you have left . . look for you when it gets colder in Canada ..

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