A veil is really one with a dancer's hand ..


.. hands that caught my eye.. ..Thank you, Linda, for the idea ! © All rights reserved

- a drummer

son of one who I call a 'hard core' drummer [ with love ] .. T-Man [ the Dad ] comes to the drum circles almost as much as do I .. visiting his Dad for just a while before heading on down the road .. TJ added his talents to our rhythms .. wish I had recorded when he was playing .. TJ has more talent in one finger than in all my 10 .. collage done in PicMonkey .. left photo of TJ /guest /in poster editing .. right side .. only the center photo has been cropped only .. the top and bottom ones .. playing with curves .. in the Monkey ! www.picmonkey.com © All Rights Reserved

all ..

are in our thoughts - prayers - we grieve with you - may the families - who are suffering - losses of loved ones - heal - in the strength of each other - - thoughts for Aurora, Colorado and the heartbreak of loved ones - hug someone today; call someone; let them know they are loved .. today - for, there may be no tomorrow photo edited in: www.picmonkey.com © All Rights Reserved

"Was the sound of distant drumming.."

"A Lyrical Connection .. The Windmills of Your Mind" © All rights reserved

.. pair of hands

Archive Airings - AA 133 - Pair[s] RJ Photography .. cropped - Light Painting - portrait - class final - got to be the model for RJ's photography ! - it was fun .. being in the dark - with RJ going around me and flashing lights taken: 19 Nov 2011 RJ Photography, LLC

A veil is really one with a dancer's hand ..

silk moves effortlessly through the rhythms pulsating in the air .. a hand, a shadow, a veil .. one and the same ... -taken at Circle of Rhythm Drum Gathering in Florida Another Link in the Chain © All rights reserved

Tune, tune, tune ....

© All rights reserved

- Hands of a guitarist (Florida) -- words from another guitarist (North Carolina) -- neither one knows the other

Both are talented, accomplished musicians - each in his own way - they coax all the music within the guitar for us to enjoy ... © All rights reserved

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.. hands

creating music - guitarist at Friends of Joe Concert .. there wasn't anything - he couldn't make that guitar do - ah - such music - ^ copy : .. edited in www.picmonkey.com © All rights reserved ______________________________________________________________________________ Friends of Joe - founded in honor of the late Joe Prine, who brought live music to us, this group of souls celebrated their 5TH Anniversary on Sept. 11, 2010 - some said the group wouldn't last a year - but, true to what Joe Prine believed, they continue to bring quality music to our ears - either local grown or from another area - Kudos to a great group of souls - those who put it together seamlessly & those who bring awesome music to fill our souls - Thank you ! dPS/Digital Photography School / weekly Challenge -Hands

Hands at rest ..

before .. hands of a pianist & saxophonist .. created the music ... © All rights reserved Thanks to Friends of Joe for keeping the music alive ! www.joeprine.org
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