Bench and a Sunflower -

can seem quite different - depending on where it is placed .. next to where the Sunflower Mural was being painted .. 4 PiP © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --

Colors ..

WINDOW OF DAFFS There are thousands of varieties of Daffodils in the State of North Carolina USA - these 2 yellows have multi-petals and begin to bloom after the 'regular' Trumpet Daffs have started - if you look very carefully, you can count the layers of petals - the one top Left is quite different than any others in the yard - it has been named "Alien Daff" since it begins with a solid green bud that looks Alien © All rights reserved -- EXPLORE --

2019 Seasonal Irish Tree, etc.

Seasonal Tree for those who are Irish - Those who are Irish-For-A-Day - And the rest who are just full of blarney ! Erin Go Bragh ! But, my Irish Grandfather Costello said "if you can't see 42 shades of green -- you're not Irish." © All rights reserved - PiP in each photo - upper L corner -

Moss ..

in an Orb - faded out overlay of original Spikemoss - Garden Of Surprises - 2017 © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --

when I grow up -

I shall be a Daylily - many stems / scapes with buds - Daylily Riot is on the way ! ** 2 notes ** (c) All Rights Reserved these buds were eaten by deer --- sigh --- so as very few survived, made a Deer Cocktail to spray on all the Daylily plants .... it has worked -- guess they are dining elsewhere .. .. Deer Cocktail .. soapy water with a little salad oil and some hot sauce or Scriracha .. I spray every other day ---- just to be sure the deer aren't going to try again ..

.. almost

all petals gone - simplicity - less can be more - keep life simple enough - enjoy every moment - (c) All Rights Reserved

Webs 'n raindrops . . .

intricate - no possibility of capturing the entire work of art - it was just beautiful - with the green needles framing it - (c) All Rights Reserved

.. green on green

- with just a few touches of red/rust - on the Buddleia davidii (Butterfly shrub) - not a lingering lady ( Katydid - ID by Pam J ) - seen .. shot .. gone ! (c) All Rights Reserved

.. just

because - at the Arts Council - flowers are everywhere - outdoor sculptures - something for everyone - all tastes - all sizes of blooming created Art - and blooming living Art - (c) All Rights Reserved
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